14 August 2007


I've had the oppurtunity to do a some digging in a few records shops over the last couple of weeks. I've picked up a lot of great bargains; mostly 70s and 80s funk, soul and disco stuff, but also a few other nice bits. I'd only read about this particular record the day before one of my shopping trips, so to find it in one of the dusty old boxes was a pleasant suprise.

I'd noticed a friend had been listening to a new version of the classic "Miura" by Metro Area, and so quickly headed to Google and searched for the Maelstrom re-edit (you can find it a lot easier by just heading over to 24:Hours blog). As well as finding the mp3, I also found a little more information about the original; that they had sampled the beat from an old 12" by Stars on 45. The beat features on both the ABBA Megamix(!) on the A-side as well as the Disco track "Stars Get Ready" on the B-Side.

Nearly 12 minutes of continuous ABBA covers over a disco beat was a bit much for me to take, but the "Stars Get Ready" track is actually quite nice - if a little cheesey. Although Morgan and Darshan can only have taken a very small section from it, it's quite easy to hear the similarity. I'm sure I don't need to post the original version of Miura, but if for some reason you don't already own a copy then you really should get round to buying the Metro Area LP or Metro Area 4 EP that it features on.

Stars on 45 - Stars Get Ready.mp3 (Zshare)

Stars on 45 - Stars Get Ready.mp3 (Yourfilehost)