23 December 2008

Best of 2008 Round Up (part 2)

My previous post covered the best albums but these were all very good too.

Quiet Village - Silent Movie

I was quick to dismiss this when it came out in the summer. I'd loved most of the tracks they had put out on 12" but on a first listen I found the album to be slow and dull. And so it sat in the overflowing 'UNSORTED' folder on my hard drive for months until I noticed a large number of people on the DJ History forums naming it as their album of the year. The beards over there aren't always right but I thought it was about time I checked out the album again with new ears. Turns out it was actually a really nice selection of downtempo grooves and psychedelic funk, albeit borrowed from somebody elses old record(s).

Stream selected tracks on the Quiet Village microsite

Q-Tip - The Renaissance

I've not had this long but it's clearly a great album. More time with it may have led to it being in the previous post of 2008's 'great' albums rather than this section of merely 'very good' ones. There are still a couple of tracks I've not fully warmed to yet but there is certainly no bad tracks to worry about. Q-Tip is sounding great as ever with that perfect combination of interesting, well delivered lyrics and funky, catchy beats. Looking forward to hearing it next summer already.

Stream the album on last.fm

Ezekiel Honig - Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band

This is some late night mood music, which for me works best at a low volume; heard only in the background. Everyday sounds are decontructed and reconstructed and mixed with organic and electronic instruments, overlaying the soft rhythmic patterns. Reminds me of Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records by Jan Jelinek and Le Fumeur de Ciel by Julien Neto; two of my favourite albums. Real minimal music, minus the techno.

Stream the album at Anticipate Recordings

Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia

Probably the second best electro/indie mix-up of the year after Cut Copy. It opens with the big trio of Ending of an Era, Into the Galaxy and Shadows and doesn't tail off too badly. It's a track too long for my liking (Nine Lives would be the one I'd drop) but you can't argue with the quality of the production or the variety in the songs.

Stream the album on last.fm

Twilight Moose - Embrace The Loneliness

More old school electro/ambient/soundtrack stuff from Legowelt on his own Strange Life Records. Feels more like a collection of tracks than a proper album (it possibly is) and so although most of them are good it does drag a little. Still, nobody else is really putting out this kind of stuff as far as I know and it's nice to support the guy's doing their own (deep and hypnotic) thing.

Stream album clips from the Strange Life Shop

16 December 2008

Cosmic Gypsies

I was put onto this track earlier this week - some inspired UK Hip-Hop from Taskforce, Braintax & Jehst. Smooth beats, good flows, interesting lyrics and added bonus points for all the spacey shit! The video helps I think, some cool imagery. Taken from the Voices of the Great Outdoors EP (Lowlife Records 2000).

Buy it on Play.com

15 December 2008

Best of 2008 Round Up (part 1)

I'm not dead! Although my computer was for a while. Plus I'm busy with the festive season and I also got an Xbox recently! Anyway, here is part one of my round up for 2008. I listened to (and enjoyed) far more old music than new but it was still a good year I think. These are my choices for the 'Best Albums of 2008'. There will be more to follow, plus might have beens, top singles and other random tunes....

Kelley Polar - I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling

I thought this was amazing, listened to it so many times and never got bored of it. I loved his first album and so I was equally excited/nervous about how the second one would turn out. Much more weird and wonderful that his debut but it still sounds unique and so obviously Kelley Polar. Love it from the opening vocoder of 'A Feeling of the All-Thing' to the closing strings of 'In Paradisum' with so many great tracks and little moments in between.

Stream the album on Last.fm

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Another I love from start to finish. A great mix of guitars, drums, synths, vocals and effects with catchy hooks, great melodies and spine tingling moments a-plenty. Numerous tracks slap a massive grin on my face with every listen. Stand-out tracks include 'Out There On The Ice', 'So Haunted', 'Far Away' and the best sax solo of 2008 award winning 'Hearts on Fire'.

Stream the album on Last.fm

Morgan Geist - Double Night Time

More synth based songs from the studio perfectionist Morgan Geist (of Metro Area) featuring vocals from Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan. Beautiful sounds, wonderfully arranged. Hard to pick highlights when all 9 tracks are great. Try the synth pop of 'The Shore', the disco of 'Most Of All', the lazy groove of 'Ruthless City' and the cosmic instrumental 'Palace Life'.

Stream the album on Last.fm

Lindstrom - Where You Go I Go Too

Epic. Progressive. Cosmic. Synth! WYGIGT sounds like nothing anybody else has put out recently. It probably has more in common with the music of old to be honest - the early synth pioneers, krautrock and the more electronic end of the disco spectrum. But Lindstrom takes these ideas and rather than ripping them off or poorly imitating them, he expands them; weaving their influences into his own unique style of music. The mid section of 'The Long Way Home' is just pure bliss.

Stream 'The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit) on RCRD LBL

Sebastien Tellier - Sexuality

Yet more excellently produced synth-pop stuff. Sexy and sleazy; and often cheesey. I dare you not to love the thick synth funk of 'Kilometer'. Other highlights include the slow grind of 'Pomme' and 'Une Heure' and the epic layers of arpeggio's on 'Sexual Sportswear' and the almost annoyingly catchy 'Manty'.

Jamie Lidell - Jim
I enjoyed about half of his previous album but felt that it was spoilt by the inclusion of some really weak tracks. 'Jim' rectifies this with a whole album of goodness. The guy's got a great voice and a soulful sound that I really dig. How about this for a feel good album opener: 'Another Day' - if that doesn't put you in a good mood you must be dead inside! My other two favourite tracks are 'Figured Me Out', which makes me wanna dance across the room every time I hear it - funky beat, great chord progressions, a swinging chorus and even a sweet little synth solo! Things are a bit smoother on 'Green Light' but again, lovely chords and little melody hooks and a great vocal delivery.

16 November 2008

Alphonso Johnson - Moonshadows

Philadelphia born Alphonso Johnson begun his career in the early Seventies as an upcoming electric bass player on the jazz scene. His first recordings were with artists working under Gamble and Huff, before moving to LA to work with the Woody Herman Orchestra. In 1974 he replaced founding member Miroslav Vitous in the group Weather Report and later went on to work with the likes of George Duke, Billy Cobham, Santana and even Phil Collins. Moonshadows was his debut solo album from 1976, released on Epic and featuring some great jazz funk fusion. Players on board included Patrice Rushen, Flora Purim, Airto Moriera, Lee Ritenour and Bennie Maupin among others. Alphonso's work on the bass is excellent throughout the album: sometimes funky, sometimes driving, other times more experimental. I also really like the drumming on this album, and as with all my favourite jazz albums - it features some good use of synthesizers.

The opener Stump is a nice mid-tempo funk workout with some sampladelic drumbreaks and a great false ending. Involuntary Bliss, with vocals from Flora Purim, starts out smooth and dreamy before the groove gets more urgent and noodle heavy in the mid section. Third track Cosmoba Place has a rockier vibe to it with heavy drums, some B-3 organ and a strong lead guitar. There are some mad bass effects to mess with your head too. Side 1 closes with the short and dreamy interlude Pandora's Box. Up From The Cellar starts side 2 off in fine funky style. Probably my favourite track from the LP featuring nice tight guitar licks, smooth keys and lush vocal sections. Amarteifio is a cool, mellow vocal number with some lovely chords and harmonies. On The Case rolls along nicely with its mix of rock/jazz psychedelia, again with a strong lead guitar from Lee Ritenour. The album ends with the euphoric Unto Thine Self Be True - great hooks, great synths, beautiful music. What more can I say?

08 November 2008

T.C. Curtis & Bryan Loren

A couple more 80s jams for your listening pleasure, both of these are on the Virgin label. First up is a nice little mid-tempo boogie/disco shuffler called You Should Have Known Better. There were 2 versions of it doing the rounds in 1985 - this one from T.C. Curtis and another from Skratch. They're not hugely different, Skratch had a tighter beat but I prefer the vocals on this one (backing vocals from Galaxy). It was written by William Alexander Smith and licenced from Hot Melt records.

T.C. Curtis - You Should Have Known Better.mp3

Next we have Bryan Loren who had a minor hit with Lollipop Luv in 1983. Easier Said Than Done was the follow up single from 1984, licenced from Philly World records. It's a little less poppy sounding and more funky. Doesn't look as if Bryan released anything else, although he has a number of production credits on Discogs including Bart Simpson's Do The Bartman - which to this day I never knew was written by Michael Jackson!

Bryan Loren - Easier Said Than Done.mp3

07 November 2008

Morgan Geist - Double Night Time

My review of the new Morgan Geist LP is online at www.dorq.co.uk, the new place online for Digital Opinions, Reviews and Questions. A friend of mine has just set it up and asked me to write something for the site. Below is a direct link to my review, any comments would be most appreciated as it took me forever to write and I still didn't really like it when I was finished!


26 October 2008

Juicy - Sugar Free

Juicy was brother and sister duo Jerry and Katreese Barnes, who released a few singles and two albums between 1982 and 1987. This was their biggest hit from 1985 and was produced by Eumir Deodato. I must admit that I didn't realise he did electronic music, I'm more familiar with his jazz-funk/disco stuff from the seventies, but it seems he did quite a bit of production through the eighties. It's very nice though, that slow Electro-Soul vibe reminiscent classics like Hangin' On A String or Dare To Dream. There are two versions on the 12" - the dance mix and the radio mix - no real difference apart from the length. There are also two bonus tracks taken from the first LP. Bad Boy is a more uptempo and pop sounding club track, Forever And Ever is somewhere between the two, not a club track but not as mellow as Sugar Free. All in all, a nice little package. Enjoy!

Juicy - Sugar Free (Deo-Super Dance Remix).mp3

22 October 2008

Canterbury Digs

Here are my findings from Canterbury Rock (in Canterbury suprisingly!) and B-Side the C-Side in nearby Herne Bay.

Herbie Hancock - Death Wish Soundtrack LP
Libra - s/t LP
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions LP
Rhythm Heritage - Disco-fied LP
Climax Blues Band - Stamp Album LP
Steely Dan - Gaucho LP
The Limit - s/t LP
The Intergalactic Touring Band - s/t LP (for the artwork in the booklet)
Klaus Schulze - En=Trance LP
Klaus Schulze - Untitled double LP compilation
Omega 9 - Gammapolis LP (some weird Hungarian Prog-Rock)
Gabor Presser - Electromantic LP
Edgar Froese - Stuntman LP
Vangelis - The Dragon LP

Break Machine - Street Dance 12
Detroit Spinners - Love Is In Season (b/w Could It Be I'm Falling In Love) 12
Stacy Lattishaw - Jump To The Beat 12
Serious Intention - Serious 12
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind 12
Juicy - Sugar Free 12
Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector 12
Keith & Darrell - Work That Body 12
Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love 2x12
Bryan Loren - Easier Said Than Done 12
T.C. Curtis - You Should Have Known Better 12

16 October 2008

Wax Stag - Short Road

This featured on a recent compilation cd I received from a friend. The video is some bizarre, probably drug related shenanigans, but the song is just joyous!

12 October 2008

Evelyn Thomas & Eleanor Grant

A couple of Electro-Soul gems from 1984 for you today...

Heartless on Vanguard records was written and produced by Ian Levine & Fiachra Trench, who supposedly started the High Energy trend with their production of Evelyn Thomas' other 1984 hit High Energy. Heartless is a much smoother and more soulful number though, the loose vocal & piano intro leading beautifully into a super funky groove with a nice little synth hook. It's a great song once it gets going, with a well delivered vocal about a lover who turns out to be married. Not sure the key change near the end was needed but top stuff otherwise.

Evelyn Thomas - Heartless.mp3

I picked up this track by Eleanor Grant thinking it would be a cover of the Michael Jackson classic. It's not though, they just share the same title. The 12" was released on Catawba/CBS Records and was produced by George Kerr. It's a good track with a classic chunky 80s beat and bassline sound. I can't find much info about Eleanor Grant; Discogs only has 3 releases listed and there is nothing on Youtube. Oh well, just enjoy the music!

Eleanor Grant - Don't Stop (Til You Get Enough).mp3

24 September 2008

Easy Does It

A little something I just can't get out of my head since hearing it last week.

Jay Thomas with the Cedar Walton Trio - Jacob's Ladder.

Any information on where I can get a copy on vinyl most appreciated!

21 September 2008

Psyche-Out Unmixed (Part 4)

I think I'll wrap this collection up with this post so we can move on to other things!

10. Space Art - Folkstone Hovercraft.mp3
//Space Art 3: Play Back 1980

More music I checked out due to the artist name and cover artwork. I grabbed their first two albums cheap in Seattle and found the third in Vancouver a week later. This was the most expensive of the three but certainly the best and most diverse. The first two were very electronic sounding but Play Back is a real mixture of sounds, it reminds me of Air in places. Lovely chords and floating synth lines, I love the drumming too.

11. Passport - Eternal Spiral.mp3
//Looking Thru 1974
A perfect example of 70's Jazz Fusion. This is the opening track from an album I got after Daniele Baldelli featured the second half of the title track in one of his Cosmic mix tapes. Mixing up jazz, funk and rock influences, Klaus Doldinger's Passport put out a whole bunch of albums during the 70's and 80's, this is certainly my favourite of the four I own. Awesome cover art too!

12. Nina Hagen Band - Unbeschreiblich.mp3
//Nina Hagen Band 1978

Another record first heard via a Baldelli mixtape. I get the feeling Nina Hagen was a crazy bitch! Her attitude and personality really shine through on this record though. The LP is a real mixed bag incorporating funk, disco, rock and pop - some good and some bad. I love the driving rhythm of this track and the guitar lead that opens the song and returns again in the second minute.

13. Focus - Hocus Pocus.mp3
//Moving Waves 1971

I had actually finished a version of the mix without this track in it. Then it popped into my head one day and I thought to myself "how can I leave this out of a collection of such weird and wonderful songs?" So a few tracks were reshuffled and I think perhaps a couple were removed to make room for this monster of a track. It's a cracking guitar riff, a driving beat, great drum breaks, totally out there vocals and some sweet organ too, what more could you want? How about an excellent guitar solo, a flute solo, some accordion and even a bit of whistling!

14. The Zodiac - Aries-The Fire Fighter.mp3
//Cosmic Sounds 1967

This is excellent. I was in two minds whether or not to buy this LP as I wasn't too keen on most of it; but I had to have this track. It has such energy and intensity. I love the break in the middle and the spoken section. I love the harpsichord(?) and the heavy bass and drums. Even the Sitar doesn't put me off and that's an instrument I truly hate! Proper psychedelic music to loose yourself in. Would love to hear this out on a big system and throw myself around to it!

17 September 2008

September Purchases

Been on a bit of a spending spree of late. I picked up the previously mentioned albums from Lindstrom and Steve Moore, and seeing as I hadn't got round to buying it yet - I also ordered Zombi's excellent Cosmos album from Relapse. I've also put in a pre-order for the forthcoming Morgan Geist album Double Night Time. Then today somebody posted up a bunch of old radio shows from Kirk De Giorgio, listening to which led me to buying his Offworld album and volumes 2 and 3 of The Soul Of Science compilations - all of which cost me about a fiver total from Amazon Marketplace.

Then there are the mp3's:

Duplex - Autosample - lush Techno Soul, with the track Vivid Array making good use of some samples from Derrick May's remix of Knights of the Jaguar.
DXR - All The Same - Dexter leaves the electro behind for his first release on Klakson with a beautiful melodic house track.
DXR - Darkrain - taken from the second DXR release on Klakson, this is the total opposite of All The Same. 10 minutes of deep dark throbbing hypnotic acid house to loose yourself in.
Rustie - Zig-Zag - A crazy dubstep/techno/electro hybrid that somehow works even with a shifting tempo. Recommended.
Tim Mabin - Jimmy Jam - hot new re-issue from 4lux. Boogie style 80s funk, complete with an extended instrumental.
Lee Douglas - Same Changes - classic modern disco which I've never managed to find on vinyl.
Morgan Geist - Most of All (instrumental) - in anticipation of the full album, for some reason I missed out on this single when it was originally released.
Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Afterski - a beautiful track which builds and builds before dropping back to nothing and doing it all over again. It's the strings and the piano that make this special.
2 AM/FM - Poison Dart - filthy jackin' acid house with a killer bassline.

I also bought a bunch of cheap vinyl in the charity shops but none of it was that good so I won't bore with a list. More music coming to Groovin' You soon, while you're waiting why not check out this nice little mix of French Electro (via Portugal) I posted over at 24:Hours recently: CLICK ME!

14 September 2008

Psyche-Out Unmixed (part 3)

7. White Noise - Love Without Sound.mp3
//An Electric Storm 1969

This is one of the earliest and most intricate Psychedelic LP’s available and helped pioneer many studio techniques commonly used in the years since. Made before the synthesizer boom, it was created using (abusing?) various studio gear, homemade effects boxes and reel to reel splicing. I can’t say I enjoy the album in its entirety, the more experimental side 2 is particularly hard work, but the shorter song based tracks on side 1 are very good indeed. This is an album I inherited from my father, dug out after Erol Alkan included the track “Your Hidden Dreams” on his excellent Bugged Out/In compilation.

8. Mystic Moods Orchestra - A Man And A Woman.mp3
//Misty Morning 1978

Another I picked up in New York for the excellent cover art. Pretty much the only good two minutes on the album, but what a delightful two minutes they are! I love the lush orchestration and the mixture of kitch, camp and good old cheesiness.

9. A.Vuolo & E.Grande - Drops In The Wind.mp3
//Desert 1979

This track is from the most expensive LP I’ve ever bought (an extortionate £26!!) but with tracks like this and the unlikeliness of finding a copy again, I just had to splash out the cash. The album was recorded and produced in 1979 but didn’t get a release until the Italian label Cardium issued a limited run in 2007. It's a great mixture of Cosmic Disco, Jazz-Funk and Downtempo grooves - highly recommended.

08 September 2008

Psyche-Out Unmixed (part 2)

4. Be Bop Deluxe - Shine (live).mp3
//Live! In The Air Age 1977

A nice slow groove here with plenty of ups and downs, with good lead guitar and some nice keyboard work too. I actually know nothing about Be Bop Deluxe and this is probably the only track I’ll really listen to from the LP (which I picked up due to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis imagery being on the cover). A quick search on Wikipedia tells me they were an English progressive rock band who achieved critical acclaim and moderate commercial success during the mid to late 1970s.

5. Stardrive with Robert Mason - Rushes.mp3
//Intergalactic Trot 1973

I love this, just full on wig out synthesized jazz-funk-fusion. You should see the size of the thing on the back of the LP. Extracts from the sleeve notes: “Using a few pre-constructed parts plus a lot of custom-designed gear and great ingenuity, Robert Mason has built the world’s first multi-voiced synthesizer that can be played like a real keyboard instrument with full chords and tonal clusters. Never before has man and machine come so close together with such intimate rapport.”

6. FM - Slaughter In Robot Village.mp3
//Black Noise 1978

I saw this album at a flea market in Toronto (where the band originate), I liked the cover but wasn't sure if it was going to be too 'Rock' for my tastes so I left it for a while. On my way back I picked it up because I couldn't leave a track called "Slaughter In Robot Village" unheard! Turns out the only guitars they do use are bass and that track was the best on this, the bands debut LP.

02 September 2008

Psyche-Out Unmixed (part 1)

1. Billy Cobham - Quadrant 4.mp3
//Spectrum 1973

Sit down and strap in, as I’m pulling no punches with the opener! Cobham beats the hell out of those drums and the bassline rolls along at a frantic pace too. After the opening lick from Tommy Bolin on the guitar, it’s straight into an extended solo before returning to the same lick to close the track. There’s even a bit of moog in there from Jan Hammer, classic stuff.

2. Lighthouse - Mountain Man.mp3
//Lighthouse 1969

I picked this self-titled LP up in New York as I loved the psychedelic shiny silver and black cover (which looks awful in the image above but it was the best one I could find). The opener from the Toronto group’s debut album has all the ingredients for a great rock track: a good hook, a funky bassline, great organ work, nice sounding guitars and good horn and reed sections. Check out the funky drumming and that break too, sweet.

3. George Duke - Floop De Loop.mp3
//The Aura Will Prevail 1975

Keeping the tempo up but bringing down the mood a little bit with this one, taken from George’s 1975 album “The Aura Will Prevail”. Much like Quadrant 4, it opens with the hook before rolling along in solo territory for the bulk of the track. I like the way the groove drops back midway through the track to give the guitar solo more room.

01 September 2008



A discussion with a mate the other week about what sort of music was covered by the term 'Psychedelic' was the inspiration for this loosely mixed compilation. We both agreed that it could be anything from 60's/70's rock, jazz, funk, a bit of prog, kitch/camp grooves and even a bit of disco. I picked out a bunch of LP's I considered to be 'psychedelic' and recorded my favourite tracks from them. The last couple of weeks have been spent getting the track selection right, doing the odd edit and getting the whole thing sequenced nicely. This is the end result, any feedback greatly appreciated. Keep an eye on the blog as I'll be posting up the tracks from the mix in unmixed format, along with some details for each.

acidbearboy - Psyche-Out.mp3


1. Billy Cobham - Quadrant 4
2. Lighthouse - Mountain Man
3. George Duke - Floop De Loop
4. Be Bop Deluxe - Shine (live)
5. Stardrive with Robert Mason – Rushes
6. FM - Slaughter In Robot Village
7. White Noise - Love Without Sound
8. Mystic Moods Orchestra - A Man And A Woman
9. A.Vuolo & E.Grande - Drops In The Wind
10. Space Art - Folkstone Hovercraft
11. Passport - Eternal Spiral
12. Nina Hagen Band – Unbeschreiblich
13. Focus – Hocus Pocus
14. The Zodiac – Aries-The Fire Fighter

Back cover with tracklist.

"Psychedelic Twilight" image from:

25 August 2008

Hot New LP's

Lindstrom has a new album out, very nice it is too. There are only three tracks but with the shortest of the bunch clocking in at over eight minutes, you know this is going to be a 'cosmic journey' etc. Full of beautiful chords and excellent production - ignore what pigeon hole people are trying to stick it in and just enjoy it for what it is - great new music. FACT Magazine did a good interview with him recently, read it here. Dutch website 3voor12 have a stream of the whole LP so you can go take a listen before ordering the cd.

STREAM: Lindstrom - Where You Go I Go Too

Also sounding great is the new solo album from Steve Moore, better known as half of synth-rock band Zombi. I love the Zombi sound and this is an extension of that, though a little lighter. Drenched in atmosphere, full of lush textures and ethereal sounds, and of course with those heavy rhythms. Order it on vinyl or cd direct from the Relapse store.

STREAM: Steve Moore - The Henge

I've been listening to some of Legowelt's ambient stuff lately and so decided to visit his website and see what's happening. It still looks like 1998 there but there is plenty of new content, including a full free download of the new Franz Falckenhaus album "The Lost Border". Also check out this amazing piece of deep hypnotic techno from Dark Days 2, forthcoming on Strange Life records.

Legowelt - HAM Star Flowers.mp3

More samples and information at www.legowelt.com

24 August 2008

Rhythm Heritage - Last Night On Earth

Somebody commented on my New York Digging post recently, requesting Rhythm Heritage - Last Night On Earth. It was an album I'd not really listened to much yet so I sat down with it this morning and gave it some time. It's a nice mix of funk and disco, a little cheesey in places but I have no problems with that. It's very grand sounding, like a lot of the seventies orchestrated disco stuff, and well produced. It opens with the Theme From Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) which is a good track but I have a nicer version by Richard 'Groove' Holmes that I might post another time. There is also another version of Steely Dan's Do It Again on there in a medly with Cisco Kid. Highlights for me are Angry World - part 1 of the Last Night On Earth suite - which has a solid, uplifting groove to it and some nice electric guitar work. And the upbeat disco cheese of Dance The Night Away, enjoy!

Rhythm Heritage - Angry World.mp3

Rhythm Heritage - Dance The Night Away.mp3

There was also an older request for the dub of Class Action's version of Weekend. No introduction should be needed for this classic track, and possibly the funkiest synth hooks of all time! Be sure to check out the more organic funk of the Phreek original too.

Class Action - Weekend (dub).mp3

Well, I hope you Anonymous readers are happy and come back to show your appreciation!

As you can see, the site has had a visual overhaul. It's been something I've wanted to do for some time now but haven't had the time or patience for. Well yesterday I did and I'm pleased with the results, hopefully you like it too - I'd be interested to hear your opinions. The aim was to make the blog look a bit more sexy and stylish without distracting from the music, which of course is the most important aspect. On a related note, I've had a couple of emails recently from companies offering advertising for music blogs but I personally think adverts are inappropriate on a site like this. The site is a hobby that costs me nothing to run, so why should I make money by sharing other peoples music? Not to mention the fact that the web is a far nicer place to browse without the intrusion of adverts.

21 August 2008

acidbearboy 20.08/2008

Here is a nice little 45 minute mix of mellow soul and funk I recorded last night.


Rosko recites Desiderata
Montana – Warp Factor II
Diesel & Jarvis - Blue Operator
Walter Murphy – Gentle Explosion
Bohannon – I’ll Be Here For You
Donald Byrd – Onward ‘Til Morning
Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation (inst.)
Tempest Trio – Starlight
Jimmy Spicer – Bubble Bunch (inst.)
Kinkina – Jungle Fever
Kamaal – Feelin’ (inst.)

acidbearboy - downtempo grooves 20-08-2008.mp3

13 August 2008

Trashy Synthesizer Disco!

Gique, electro producer and a message board acquaintance of mine from rllmuk recently uploaded this mix of euro/italo synthesizer disco and synthpop in an effort to educate his friends that might be unaware of his musical references. Good mixing and great tunes, what more could you ask for? He describes the mix as "100% electronic, 100% 80's, little po faced, sometimes cheesy, but all good shit." Can't argue with that, enjoy!


Fockewulf 190 - Gitano
Klapto - Queen Of The Night
Casco - Cybernetic Love
Hardcorps - Je Suis Presse
Gino Soccio - Victim Of Change
Den Harrow - Broken Radio
Hugh Bullen - Alisand
Faxe - Time For Changes
Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon
Azoto - Exalt Exalt
Immortals - Ultimate Warlord
Tapps - My Forbidden Lover
M&G - When I Let You Down

Gique - Eurotrash 198X.mp3

07 August 2008

New Professor Genius

professor geniusI was tempted to say it's been a long time coming but there has actually been a fairly steady stream of releases since the debut cd-r was released last year. 'La Grotta' and 'Pegaso' both had 12" releases as well appearing on the 'After Dark' compilation from Italians Do It Better that just won't go away (recently released on vinyl). Then earlier this year there was new material with part 1 of the EP 'A Jean Giraud' on thisisnotanexit records. While we wait patiently for the second part of that, there are some exciting new tracks previewed on the Professor's Myspace page from the upcoming digital only EP entitled 'Down There'. Go check them out, Perspex Girl is sounding as sexy as the title suggests!

04 August 2008

Black Sun

I picked this one up in Zulu Records, Vancouver. Although the label says Rockland, it looks like it was distributed by the Quebec branch of Polydor. Composed by Phil Walter and recorded at producer Wally Hamilton's place in New Jersey during March of 1978, the self titled Black Sun LP on contains two extended disco workouts, complete with one of the best sleeves I've seen for a long time. There is even some cosmic photography inside! Although I don't recognise any of the players, the band are pretty tight. As well as Phil and Wally who both play keyboards, there is the standard disco line-up of drums, percussion, bass, guitar, synths, strings, brass and vocals.


Black Sun on side one is a real chugger, with plenty of disco stomp and a driving bassline. The female vocal sings of how the Black Sun broke her heart, stolen her love etc. It's not a big vocal number though, with the main hook coming off the synth and strings (it sounds kinda familiar, not sure if this has been edited or if it's just a rip-off of Gino Soccio's "Dancer"). The brass section gives the track a very ‘big’ feel and I always enjoy a guitar solo with my funk and disco.

Black Sun - Black Sun.mp3

Big Money on the flip is a higher tempo affair, too fast in my opinion, I prefer to slow it right down to -6. The groove is a more loose and funky for this one and there is a stronger emphasis on the vocal from Lenny Garcia. I really like the piano work on this track, great brass and string arrangements and a couple of nice percussive breakdowns too. My only criticism with the tracks is that after 15 minutes of funk, they both just fade out - lazy!

Black Sun - Big Money.mp3

27 July 2008

Disco Galactica

A couple of Battlestar Galactica related goodies for you today. I picked up the 12" Disco remix of the Main Title a couple of years ago, mostly as I loved the sleeve art. The opening always reminds me of the legendary (and now sadly defunct CBS Top 100). It's a fairly generic disco remix of the theme, certainly not something to play out but an interesting record to own.

Stu Phillips - Theme From Battlestar Galactica (short).mp3

The other track is taken from the original soundtrack LP that I picked up in New York. All the other tracks on the album are the standard orchestral music from the film but this disco cut from the Casino on Carillon scene is a lovely little track that you could certainly play to non BSG lovers!

The Space Angels - It's Love, Love, Love.mp3

Here are the great covers for the LP, the back of which is where the single sleeve originates.
Front | Back

25 July 2008

The Universal Order Of Things

"On July 4th, 1976, the Viking probe - a man made vessel - will send back pictures to Earth to let man see if life is on Mars. For what reason? Man has not mastered his existence on Earth. He cannot live in harmony with his natural environment yet. Out of all the things in the universe such as the sun, moon, stars, planets, the liquid, solid, gas, the hot, wet, dry, cold; Man is the only creation that is out of order with The Universal Order Of Things".

-Kenny Gamble

So I finally found a copy of Dexter Wansel's brilliant 1976 debut LP "Life on Mars". After failing to find it on my recent trip across North America, it turned up in Cross The Tracks on a trip to Brighton this week - nice condition and price too. It's definitely become one of my favourite albums since being turned onto it a couple of years ago. I can't think of a bad moment on the entire album but the penultimate track "Theme From The Planets" is about as close to perfection as you can get.

Dexter Wansel - Theme From The Planets.mp3

17 July 2008

T.S. Monk

Today's track comes from the son of Jazz legend Thelonious Monk, who also played drums as well as doing arrangements on this project. I picked up this 12" promo whilst in New York, it's one of those strange records with the same version on both sides. Taken from the LP 'More of the Good Life', the track was co-written and produced by Sandy Linzer, who had previously worked with Odyssey. It has a lovely smooth disco-soul sound, with a great vocal delivery from an uncredited singer as well as great backing vocal and string arrangements. There is also a nice little sax solo leading up to the break just before the 3 minute mark. Lay back and enjoy this smooth groove.

T.S.Monk - Too Much Too Soon.mp3

Discogs: T.S.Monk - Too Much Too Soon (12" Promo, Mirage Records 1981)

30 June 2008

Jungle City

More edit sources today. I first heard 'Jungle City' by Lexx in Stockholm back in January and was instantly hooked on the shuffling rhythms and sweet melodies. Some time between then and the 12" release for Bear Funk, I found the original track on the Joey Negro & Sean P compilation 'The Soul of Disco'. Laura Green's vocal suits the mood of the music perfectly and it's a nice alternative to the largely instrumental edit from Lexx (which you can hear on his Myspace page). Not a lot of info on the original I'm afraid, only that it was a b-side to the 1979 single 'Let Me Blow Your Whistle'. I also highly recommend the mix Lexx did for Beats in Space earlier this year, an excellent selection of deep funk, house and techno. Get the mix and tracklisting here.

Laura Greene - Manhatten.mp3

26 June 2008

Classic Balearic

I managed to do a little record shopping whilst in Barcelona for Sonar last week (more info on that coming soon). I picked up a variety of italo, electro-pop and balearic bits at my favourite store 'Discos Edisons' after the festival, here is the full list:

Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan Mix)
Kano - I'm Ready
Ivan - Baila
William Pitt - City Lights
Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna
Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now (Jellybean Mix)
Gary Low - Forever, Tonight And All My Life
Digital Emotion - Steppin' Out
Spargo - Go

Never mind the so called 'Nu-Balearic' scene, you can't go wrong with classics like this!

William Pitt - City Lights.mp3

Staying with the summery theme, there is a lovely cut on the Spargo album called 'One Night Affair'. It leans towards the poppy/cheesy side of disco but I love the melody and chord progression, plus I'm a sucker for anything with a piano solo in.

Spargo - One Night Affair.mp3

Spargo - Go.mp3

The title track from the LP was annoyingly familiar sounding when I previewed the record in the shop but it wasn't until I got back home and browsed through my edits folder that I realised what it was. Lovefingers reworked it for his 'Bermuda' track, featured on the excellent RVNG of the NRDS Vol.4 EP from last year - check it out if you haven't already, 'Zoysia' on there is killer stuff.

Buy the EP from igetrvng.com

Aube records deliver again.


Just a little extra post to let you know this is now available from all good record stores. As ever from Aube, it's top quality stuff - get in there quick for the limited edition with handmade artwork from Kraftwerk's Emil Schmult!

aube005: Roland Sebastian Faber - Wettkampf der Moleküle

a - side: Molecular
aa- side: Eisengard

Molecular — a battle of particles... racing melodies fighting for dominance. An electronic pop tune with baroque influences somewhere between Johan Sebastian Bach and Jean Michel Jarre. Catchy, haunting, energetic and competitive. Let the games start! Eisengard is a story about a mellow ashra temple affair, a soundscape mixed with David Gillmore 'esque guitars and 808 beats.

Support from Aeroplane (Eskimo), Matt Edwards (Rekids/Quiet Village/Radio Slave) and I-F (CBS, Viewlexx). Stream both tracks in full at the new Aube website:


22 June 2008

Afro-Cosmic roots

DJ History have a really interesting interview with Gianni Zuffa, owner of the Disco Piu record store in that supplied Baldelli, Mozart and the other local Italian DJ´s of the 70s and 80s the obscure music that they craved. That particular scene always seems so shrouded in mystery, so it´s nice to read such an honest and in depth article from somebody who was actually there. Highly recommended reading.

Gianni Zuffa interview

12 June 2008

The Brand New Disco Sound

I'll take the chance to post something brand new today. Gomma were kind enough to send me the promo for the new Munk single 'Live Fast Die Old' featuring Asia Argento. There is a clubbed up mix from The Juan Maclean but it's the slow piano stomp of the original that's really doing it for me. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a warm summers day. Keep an eye out for the 12" which is out soon.

Munk - Live Fast Die Old.mp3

09 June 2008

Dunn Pearson Jr


One of my favourite disco finds was actually on a compilation cd by Ian O'Brien and Kirk Degiorgio. "The Soul of Science" album is an excellent collection of Jazz and Downtempo moods, Soul and Funk grooves and a couple of Disco tracks thrown in for good measure. The rare Dunn Pearson Jr track included is a real belter. Lovely big sounding drums, a funky bassline and the tight guitar licks combine with a great string and horn section with the piano rounding off the classic disco sound. The vocal hook of the chorus is joyous and the synth solo to fade is the icing on the cake.

Dun Pearson Jr. - Groove On Down.mp3

05 June 2008

Seattle & Vancouver

This will be the last dull list of music I've bought, seeing as I am back home in the UK now. It's certainly nice to finally play all the records and not just carry them around!


Romanelli - Connecting Flight LP
Passport – Infinity Machine LP
Weather Report – Heavy Weather LP
Passport – Sky Blue LP
Spyra Gyra – Carnival LP
Tomita – Snowflakes Are Dancing LP
Dc La Rue – Cathedrals 12
Ian O’brien – A History Of Things To Come LP
Starguard – Wear It Out 12
The Parallax Corporation Ep (Viewlexx)
Nu Colours – Desire 12
Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Larry Levan Mixes)
The JB’s – Groove Machine LP
ALPhonso Johnson – Moonshadows LP
Lonnie Liston Smith – Live! LP
Jerry Knight – Overnight Sensation 12
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance 12
Electronic – Get The Message 12
Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby 12
Ozone – Jump On It LP
Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat) 1988 Ultimix 12
Vincent Capretta – Starlove 12
Shirley Lites – Slip Away 12
Evelyn Thomas – Heartless 12
Chilly – For Your Love LP
Space Art – S/T LP
Space Art – Trip In The Centre Head LP
Wally Badarou – Echoes LP
Deodato – Knights Of Fantasy LP
Tropea – Short Trip Into Space LP
Stardrive – Intergalactic Trot LP
Paul Speer – Collection 983: Spectral Voyages LP
Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Movie Themes LP

Chateau Flight – Body Language 5 cd
Zombie – Surface To Air cd


Trouble Funk – Good To Go 12
Black Sun – S/T LP
Jambo & Co – Close Encounters 12
Dan Hartman – Countdown/This Is It 12
Paul Horn – Jupiter 8 LP
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence 12
George Duke – The Aura Will Prevail LP
Space Art – Play Back LP
Love Committee – Law & Order 12
Dexter Wansell – I’ll Never Forget (My Favourite Disco) 12
Loveride – Iko Iko / San Francisco Serenade 12
Jeanne Shy – Night Dancer / That Old Black Magic 12
Gino Soccio – Turn It Around 12
K.I.D. – Don’t Stop 12
Space – Deliverance LP
Dobie Gray – You Can Do It 12
The Tee Cee’s – Disco Love Bite LP
Convertion – Let’s Do It 12
Tropique – The Runner 12
Sphinx – Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter LP
Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force 12
Arthur Prysock – When Love Is New 12
Poussez – You’re All I Have / Boogie With Me 12
George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair LP
The Doors – L.A. Woman LP
New Musik – Warp LP

Jeff Mills – Blue Potential cd/dvd

07 May 2008

Boston & San Francisco purchases

Dexter Wansell - Time is Slipping Away LP
Klaus Schulze - Body Love LP
Lonnie Liston Smith - Exotic Mysteries LP
Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotto - Munich Machine LP
CocoDaSilva - Coisa Noisa 12
The Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Winds LP
Players Association - Turn the Music up 12
Sumeria - Golden Tears LP
Pointer Sisters - I Need You 12
52nd Street - Children of the Night LP
Mighty Fire - No Time For Masquerading LP
Toney Lee - Teaser 12
Passport - Lookin' Thru LP
Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna 12
Gaz - Sing Sing / Good, Bad & Ugly 12
Tony Deshawn - Real Lover LP
Unlimited Touch - s/t LP
Slave - Stone Jam LP

Midnight Rhythm - s/t LP
Bionic Boogie - s/t LP
Walter Murphy - Phantom of the Opera LP
Chocolate Milk - Milky Way LP
Clifford Nyren - Keep Running Away 12
Tasha Thomas - Shoot Me (With Your Love) 12
Casiopea - Make Up City LP
BB&Q Band - On The Shelf/Dreamer 12
Loose Ends - Hanging on a String (boot mix/orig) 12
Margarat Reynolds & KC - Take Me To The Moon 12
Jeanie Tracey - Time Bomb 12
Mystery - Hold On To The Moment 12
Dimitri From Paris - Cocktail Disco part 2 LP
Breakwater - Splashdown LP
King Street remixes of music from Sega's Burning Rangers 12!!
The Walter Murphy Band - Fifth of Beethoven LP
Eleanor Grant - Don't Stop (til you get enough) 12
Meco - Music from Star Trek / The Black Hole LP
Tomita - Grand Canyon LP
Tomita - Bolero LP
Klaus Schulze - Timewind LP
The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds LP
King Britt & Ursula Rucker - Circe 12
COW2 & COW4 disco re-edits 12's
808 State - Pacific 12
Community Service #1 12
Syncom Data - Beyond the Stars (remixes) 12

Also picked up some CD's inthe ridiculously huge Amoeba Records:
FSOL - Cascade & Lifeforms EP's
As One - Out of the Darkness
Data 80 - s/t
VA - Dirty Space Disco compiled by Dirty Sound System
Robert Rodriguez - Planet Terror OST
Daniele Baldelli - Cosmic-The Original & Baia Degli Angeli

It cost me a small fortune to send a box of vinyl home as neither USPS, FedEx or UPS do shipping anymore, only airmail. Oh well, there is a little room left in my bag so I can manage a few more shops once I get to Seattle and Vancouver I think :)

05 May 2008

Canadian Digs

So from New York I headed up to Toronto and then on to Montreal. I picked up some good stuff in both cities, here is a round up:

Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation 12
Jellybean - The Mexican 12
Mass Production - Cosmic Lust 12
McLane Explosion - Pulstar LP
George Benson - Breezin' LP
Passport - Ocean Liner LP
Gato Barbieri - Caliente LP
Vangelis - Heaven & Hell LP
Herb Alpert - Rise LP
Sylvester - Trouble in Paradise 12
Lee Tong - Poor Brother of Pete LP
Terje Rypdal - Descendre LP
Quazar - s/t LP
FM - Black Noise LP

E.B.E. - Square 2 EP
Ken Ishii - Misprogrammed Day Remixes 12
Next Evidence - The Body Theme 12
El Coco - Let's Get It Together 12
Wood, Brass & Steel - s/t LP
Macho - I'm a Man LP
The Ritchie Family - Brazil LP
Bohannon - Too Hot To Hold LP
Clubhouse - Do It Again / Billie Jean medley 12
Kumano - s/t LP
Musique - Keep On Jumpin' LP
Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant 12
The Mixmaster - Grand Piano 12
Constellation Orchestra - Perfect Love Affair LP
Apollo - Astro Disco 12
Babe Ruth - First Base LP
Kinkina - Jungle Fever 12
Kamaal the Abstract LP sampler 12
Gladys Knight & The Pips - About Time LP
Chappell Recorded Music Libray (AV Series) - Four Suites LP

There have since been further purchases in Boston and San Francisco but I shall save them for another post. Tomorrow will see if they are still bargains after I post a box full back to England, as the record bag I bought in NYC has long been full! Hopefully it won't cost me a fortune.

Also, I saw Woolfy play live at Elbo Room here in San Francisco on Friday night. It was pretty decent so if he is playing anywhere near you then check him out. It's a 5 piece set up with the man himself on guitar and vocals, plus a drummer, percussion, bass and keys. They were pretty tight and funky. Nice place too.