30 January 2009

Jean-Pierre Bourtayre

I love the way the internet can link you from one place to another, and then another and you end up somewhere unexpected and yet fantastic in mere minutes. Today's find is this beautiful soundtrack by Jean-Pierre Bourtayre to the 1982 French animated movie Les Maîtres du temps (aka Time Masters). The film was directed by René Laloux with designs by Moebius. Jean-Pierre was one half of Universal Energy, whose track Disco Energy is a classic slice of cosmic disco. Now to find the movie on DVD.....

29 January 2009

Amnesie - Turas

My new favourite tune, found on the recent mix that Bottin did for 24:Hours to promote his excellent new single No Static on Italians Do It Better records. This one and only release from Amnesie is classic era Italo-Disco with a great vocal by Dora Carofiglio (Valerie Dore, Novecento, Answering Service etc.). The groove is driven by some lovely piano chords and a funky slapped bassline. The little electronic tom-tom hits in the breakdown really make it for me. A perfect example of that happy, well produced sound that Italo did so well.