14 January 2008

Not sure how long I will keep this up for, but I thought I'd try keeping a note of my recent purchases because a) it will help me keep track of how much music I am buying, and b) be an easy recommendation type post to write for the blog! Let me know if you think it's a shit idea!

Phalangius - The Cambridge Library Murders //Strange Life CDR
This is another alias of Legowelt, whose Strange Life label put out a bunch of good albums last year - mostly synthesizer heavy, dark/ambient soundtrack type material. The samples from this album sound fantasic (check Snowman Theorem in particular) so I'm looking forward to hearing the whole LP when it arrives.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning/24K //Modular 7"
Bought this one for the b-side, a cover of Morgan Geist's 24K from his solo EP "Super". Nice lazy sounding live disco.

Bob Sinclar - Live at the Playboy Mansion (part 2) //Defected 2x12"
I didn't really like the mix album as much as I'd hoped I would considering the tracklisting (anybody wanna buy the cd off me - good price guaranteed!). I picked this up on a whim the other day as it features quite a few of the stand out tracks unmixed.

Gladio - Hadrian's Wall EP //Mighty Robot MP3
The new EP from Legowelt (again) is fucking immense. It's 5 tracks of raw techno/electro mayhem, really dark and intense stuff. "Fighting In The North" pumps out some proper deep bass stabs and thumping beats. "Centurion" sounds like Blade Runner on acid, turn it up loud and wait for random parts of your body start to twitching; trips me right out. Even the tribute track to "Time Team" rocks hard.

E.R.P. - Alsoran EP //Frantic Flowers MP3
E.R.P. - Untitled EP //Downlow MP3
E.R.P. - Vox Automation EP //Frustrated Funk MP3
E.R.P. was an artist that featured heavily in the 2007 CBS Top 100. AKA Gerard Hanson/Convexion, there are 2 more releases I've not yet heard under the E.R.P. alias, but I was happy to snap these 3 up from Boomkat for a few quid. Really deep and lush Electro, recommended.

Dexter - I Don't Care //Clone MP3
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down) Gerd 4Lux Edit //Clone MP3
The Other People Place - Sorrow & A Cup Of Joe //Clone MP3
A few other random Electro/Italo tracks taken from Clone compilation albums.

Barbara Tucker - Stay Together (Original Vocal Mix) //Strictly Rhythm MP3
Just some old 90's House track that I've always liked in MAW/DJ Camacho mixes, but never owned.