23 November 2006

Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club

This follows on pretty well from Gavin's Synthesized Mix from the other week. A bit of backstory: Originally released in 1978, Black Devil's Disco Club is a super-rare slice of dark proto-Italo Disco by French duo Bernard Fevre and Jackie Giordano. Unearthed in at a Carboot Sale for 20p by Rephlex's(Aphex Twin's own label) P.P. Roy, it was then reissued on the label in 2004.

There were murmurings at the time that it was all an elaborate ruse, a collaboration between Luke Vibert and Richard D James designed to sound like an analogue disco classic. If we are getting suckered though, I'm not overly concerned as long as the music is this good; all rippling basslines and Moroder-esque synths.

Black Devil Disco Club – Timing Forget the Timing (MP3)

Back to 2006, some new material from surviving member Bernard Fevre has been released on Lo Recordings. Apparently all newly recorded, hence the album title "28 After", it's amazingly every bit as good as the original recordings. Whilst never straying too far from the original formula, there's a more contemporary edge to proceedings but still retaining a strangely alien feel with the haunting vocals and slightly dark vibe. I'm completely smitten by the outro from On Other Skin, the squelchy bass and crisp disco beats interplaying perfectly with the sirens (?), synths and bongos:

Black Devil Disco Club – On Other Skin (MP3)

The Beeb have two more full tracks to stream from 28 After and you can catch Black Devil live in London next month - Info.

Buy 28 After and Disco Club at HMV.

22 November 2006


Tore Andreas "Erot" Kroknes is a house producer from Bergen, Norway and is best known for remixes mainly for the artists on the Tellé label. However, his most popular work is probably the Madonna-sampling track "The Greatest Hit" written for his girlfriend Anne Lilia Berge-Strand, better known as Annie.

Annie - The Greatest Hit
Erot - Song for Annie
Thomas Krome - The Real Jazz (Erot Remix)

"Song for Annie" is an incredibly chilled-out track with a deceptively complex layer of samples and sound effects hidden in the background. The punchy "The Real Jazz" has a very percussion-led feel with constantly rolling drums, and the organ keeps things interesting towards the 2nd half. The thing that is most striking about all these tracks is that it's all instantly recognisable as being Erot's work, theres a certain comfort in hearing his trademark sounds come through.

Sadly Erot passed away in 2001 at the young age of 23. This is a great shame as his body of work is both small and incredibly hard to get hold of. Discogs does give a good discography but most releases remain vinyl-only.

A few remixes can be found here and there on generic Scandinavian CD compilations. Id recommend picking up Wall of Sound Presents Tellé as it contains the first two tracks mentioned plus another Erot remix of the Kings Of Convenience.

21 November 2006

Rip Slyme

"Fumija's Back!" proclaimed the press release, and rightly so, as after a year long hiatus for DJ Fumija (citing illness as the reason) things were looking a little desperate for RIP SLYME. A year of filling their time with side projects (the BAPE promoting Teriyaki Boyz) and collaborations with the likes of indie band Quruli and old rocker Tomoyasu Hotei.

DJ Fumija is the glue that keeps RIP SLYME together. The beat maker who quietly sits in the background it is he who is ultimately responsible for the groups’ success in native Japan. "Blow" is a celebration of his return. Tag-team raps dominate the verses while disco strings wash over the chorus (in a style similar to the brilliant "Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson). I feel like posting a massive great big smiley face emoticon because I haven’t heard a more naturally joyous song all year.


The album Epoch is released on the 29th November and can be pre-ordered at cdjapan and Yes Asia.

13 November 2006


According to the description on Discogs,

"N.O.I.A.'s career can be divided into two parts: during the first, the group is formed of five persons; both words and music are absolutely new, repetitive and absurd. In 1980 N.O.I.A. win the first Italian rock festival and EMI releases a compilation including their songs "Europe" and "Hunger in the east". In 1983 Davide Piatto composes "Dirty Talk" sung by Rossana Casale. The song is released as "Klein & MBO" (a ghost group). It reaches the top of the charts all over the world, inventing House Music. The second period in N.O.I.A.'s career begins in 1983 when they sign to "Italian Records" and become a studio group with three members only and no live activity. Their music becomes easier but always repetitive and obsessive."
Now, I'm not sure that they invented House Music (I can't say I've even heard of that track, and I'm pretty up my House classics). But regardless, I'm high on the 80's electronic vibe right now and in the second period of their career, they produced some great tracks with which I am going to share with you.

My knowledge of the group started literally a couple of months ago with my purchase of the Confuzed Disco LP (blogged here in October). Gradually, the tracks from that album have become more and familiar and the N.O.I.A contributions are among the best. To me, this kind of sound is the evolution of disco and the beginning of house without actually being either of the two. The group are still going now, more info can be found at their MySpace page (although I'm not sure that it is an official one). Enjoy the music!

Do You Wanna Dance?
True Love (Sexual Version)
Stranger in a Strange Land (Club Mix)

08 November 2006

Synthesized Mix

I've been getting really into the Eighties Italo Disco sound of late, as well as some newer dance music that is clearly influenced by it. A bunch of new vinyl arrived today so I span a few tunes and recorded the results. I hope you like the mix, it's only half an hour or so. Tracklist:

Nigel Bates - Stratovarious //Chappel Recorded Music Library
Alden Tyrell - Randezvous at Rimini //Clone
Spoonich - Laserdance //Panama
Daniel Baldelli - Atlantide // Gomma
Elitechnique - We Shall Control //Radius
Alden Tyrell - Knockers //Clone
Fred Falke - Omega Man //Work It Baby
Tiga & Mateo Murphy present TGV - Fools Gold //Turbo
Alexander Robotnick - The Dark Side of the Spoon (Bangkok Impact Mix) //Creme Organization
A.I.M. - Thailand Seeds (Vox) //Mantra Vibes
Mr Master - A Dog in the Night //Radius