31 December 2007

Herbie Hancock

I treated myself to a USB turntable with some money I got for Christmas so I've been going through the bargain bins and charity shops trying to find some hidden vinyl gems then ripping to MP3.

I picked this Herbie Hancock 12" up earlier today for a couple of quid, mainly as the A-Side "You Bet Your Love" is one of my favourite disco tracks ever - this being a slightly extended disco version different to the ones I've heard before. I was interested by the flip too which I wasn't familiar and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Think Sly Stone's Thank You For The Music covered by Parliament for an idea of the sound:

Herbie Hancock - Ready or Not (Disco Version) : YouSendIt

I've just bought the original album from Ebay too, I'll be skint before the new year starts at this rate :)

22 December 2007

Clouds Across The Moon

Here are a couple of 80's records I've picked up lately. Both are fairly cheesey, but that doesn't stop either of them being great. Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon has a beautiful chord progression and of course, I dig that whole space vibe! Produced by Richard A. Hewson, with vocals from his wife Liz; it became a top 10 hit back in 1985. I was initially attracted to the dub style Super Nova Mix but I'm starting to prefer the full vocal now. Great sleeve art too!

Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon.mp3
Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon (Super Nova Mix).mp3

Mr Telephone Man was released in 1984 by male vocal group New Edition, featuring a young Bobby Brown. Produced by Ray Parker Jr and and featuring some nice synth work, it's a straight up pop track about a girl ignoring a guys phone calls. Check out the cringe-worthy video. On the flip side is Delicious, a smooth slice of electro-soul with great chords and some nice vocal harmonies which are used to end the track accapella style.

New Edition - Delicious.mp3

15 December 2007

Possible Worlds

I've been after this remix EP from The Shamen for years. I couldn't even find an mp3 of Possible Worlds - Stick, which I'm pleased to say still sounds fantastic at least 5 years since I last heard it and over 15 years since its release. Trippy, acid soaked early tech-house with lush synth pads, a nice rolling bassline and excellently programmed beats.

The Shamen - Possible Worlds (Stick).mp3

As a bonus, there are two decent mixes of Make It Mine on the second 12" from Moby. The Deep Mix is lovely floaty stuff but I think I'd prefer it without the vocals. The Dub Mix drops most of the vocals, but loses the deep and floaty feeling due to the more energetic beat, as used in Outlander - Vamp.

The Shamen - Make It Mine (Moby's Deep Mix).mp3
The Shamen - Make It Mine (Moby's Dub Mix).mp3