22 December 2006

Festive Funk

Well, I may as well jump on the Christmas bandwagon. Here is some Paul McCartney sampling hip-hop from De La Soul's sixth album "AOI: Bionix", released in 2001. Spotters may also notice the little Sir Duke sample that sneaks in at the end too.

If you head on over to Dilate Choonz you can find a hardcore/jungle version of "Wonderful Christmas". Be warned, it's pretty damn cheesey!

Sorry for the lack up updates lately, it's a busy time of year. Expect a more regular service in 2007. A happy Xmas and New Year to you all.

De La Soul - Simply

23 November 2006

Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club

This follows on pretty well from Gavin's Synthesized Mix from the other week. A bit of backstory: Originally released in 1978, Black Devil's Disco Club is a super-rare slice of dark proto-Italo Disco by French duo Bernard Fevre and Jackie Giordano. Unearthed in at a Carboot Sale for 20p by Rephlex's(Aphex Twin's own label) P.P. Roy, it was then reissued on the label in 2004.

There were murmurings at the time that it was all an elaborate ruse, a collaboration between Luke Vibert and Richard D James designed to sound like an analogue disco classic. If we are getting suckered though, I'm not overly concerned as long as the music is this good; all rippling basslines and Moroder-esque synths.

Black Devil Disco Club – Timing Forget the Timing (MP3)

Back to 2006, some new material from surviving member Bernard Fevre has been released on Lo Recordings. Apparently all newly recorded, hence the album title "28 After", it's amazingly every bit as good as the original recordings. Whilst never straying too far from the original formula, there's a more contemporary edge to proceedings but still retaining a strangely alien feel with the haunting vocals and slightly dark vibe. I'm completely smitten by the outro from On Other Skin, the squelchy bass and crisp disco beats interplaying perfectly with the sirens (?), synths and bongos:

Black Devil Disco Club – On Other Skin (MP3)

The Beeb have two more full tracks to stream from 28 After and you can catch Black Devil live in London next month - Info.

Buy 28 After and Disco Club at HMV.

22 November 2006


Tore Andreas "Erot" Kroknes is a house producer from Bergen, Norway and is best known for remixes mainly for the artists on the Tellé label. However, his most popular work is probably the Madonna-sampling track "The Greatest Hit" written for his girlfriend Anne Lilia Berge-Strand, better known as Annie.

Annie - The Greatest Hit
Erot - Song for Annie
Thomas Krome - The Real Jazz (Erot Remix)

"Song for Annie" is an incredibly chilled-out track with a deceptively complex layer of samples and sound effects hidden in the background. The punchy "The Real Jazz" has a very percussion-led feel with constantly rolling drums, and the organ keeps things interesting towards the 2nd half. The thing that is most striking about all these tracks is that it's all instantly recognisable as being Erot's work, theres a certain comfort in hearing his trademark sounds come through.

Sadly Erot passed away in 2001 at the young age of 23. This is a great shame as his body of work is both small and incredibly hard to get hold of. Discogs does give a good discography but most releases remain vinyl-only.

A few remixes can be found here and there on generic Scandinavian CD compilations. Id recommend picking up Wall of Sound Presents Tellé as it contains the first two tracks mentioned plus another Erot remix of the Kings Of Convenience.

21 November 2006

Rip Slyme

"Fumija's Back!" proclaimed the press release, and rightly so, as after a year long hiatus for DJ Fumija (citing illness as the reason) things were looking a little desperate for RIP SLYME. A year of filling their time with side projects (the BAPE promoting Teriyaki Boyz) and collaborations with the likes of indie band Quruli and old rocker Tomoyasu Hotei.

DJ Fumija is the glue that keeps RIP SLYME together. The beat maker who quietly sits in the background it is he who is ultimately responsible for the groups’ success in native Japan. "Blow" is a celebration of his return. Tag-team raps dominate the verses while disco strings wash over the chorus (in a style similar to the brilliant "Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson). I feel like posting a massive great big smiley face emoticon because I haven’t heard a more naturally joyous song all year.


The album Epoch is released on the 29th November and can be pre-ordered at cdjapan and Yes Asia.

13 November 2006


According to the description on Discogs,

"N.O.I.A.'s career can be divided into two parts: during the first, the group is formed of five persons; both words and music are absolutely new, repetitive and absurd. In 1980 N.O.I.A. win the first Italian rock festival and EMI releases a compilation including their songs "Europe" and "Hunger in the east". In 1983 Davide Piatto composes "Dirty Talk" sung by Rossana Casale. The song is released as "Klein & MBO" (a ghost group). It reaches the top of the charts all over the world, inventing House Music. The second period in N.O.I.A.'s career begins in 1983 when they sign to "Italian Records" and become a studio group with three members only and no live activity. Their music becomes easier but always repetitive and obsessive."
Now, I'm not sure that they invented House Music (I can't say I've even heard of that track, and I'm pretty up my House classics). But regardless, I'm high on the 80's electronic vibe right now and in the second period of their career, they produced some great tracks with which I am going to share with you.

My knowledge of the group started literally a couple of months ago with my purchase of the Confuzed Disco LP (blogged here in October). Gradually, the tracks from that album have become more and familiar and the N.O.I.A contributions are among the best. To me, this kind of sound is the evolution of disco and the beginning of house without actually being either of the two. The group are still going now, more info can be found at their MySpace page (although I'm not sure that it is an official one). Enjoy the music!

Do You Wanna Dance?
True Love (Sexual Version)
Stranger in a Strange Land (Club Mix)

08 November 2006

Synthesized Mix

I've been getting really into the Eighties Italo Disco sound of late, as well as some newer dance music that is clearly influenced by it. A bunch of new vinyl arrived today so I span a few tunes and recorded the results. I hope you like the mix, it's only half an hour or so. Tracklist:

Nigel Bates - Stratovarious //Chappel Recorded Music Library
Alden Tyrell - Randezvous at Rimini //Clone
Spoonich - Laserdance //Panama
Daniel Baldelli - Atlantide // Gomma
Elitechnique - We Shall Control //Radius
Alden Tyrell - Knockers //Clone
Fred Falke - Omega Man //Work It Baby
Tiga & Mateo Murphy present TGV - Fools Gold //Turbo
Alexander Robotnick - The Dark Side of the Spoon (Bangkok Impact Mix) //Creme Organization
A.I.M. - Thailand Seeds (Vox) //Mantra Vibes
Mr Master - A Dog in the Night //Radius


28 October 2006

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33

LCD Soundsystem

45:33 is maybe one of the stranger releases of the year; a Nike-endorsed largely lyric-free 45 minute long track designed for gym workout sessions from LCD Soundsystem who's lead singer/head honcho James Murphy is a self-styled "fat guy in a t-shirt".

Far less 4/4 than you'd maybe expect for a workout mix this slinks around funky soft-rock, some slightly Orbital-esque electronica, and horn-punctuated jazzy disco slowly building to around the 29 minute mark where it cuts loose with some propulsive bass-driven disco-punk, before finally cooling down with some beatless floating at the close - the thinking being that it's designed around how your body works during a running session. Although not sounding too similar to LCD Soundsystem's previous work (it's definitely got more in common with his dancier remixes as the DFA), it's definitely up with their best material and works equally well if you're listening either sweating it up as intended or vegetating in front of the PC screen.

This extract starts at about the 24 minute mark where it's kicking some loose spacey smoothness:

LCD Soundsystem – 45.33 Nike+Original Run (Snippet) (MP3)

Unfortunately, it's only available at Itunes at the moment so takes a little faffing around if you want it as anything other than their horrible DRM'd M4As to put on your MP3 player, but there's rumblings that it'll receive a proper release next year.

16 October 2006

John Arnold

This week I've been digging the sounds of John Arnold. In particular the broken-beat number '1234', Shake!

John Arnold - 1234 (Ft. Paul Randolph)

The impressive thing about the album is the amount of different genres it touches upon, which is most immediately noticeable in the playful instrumental cuts. The afro beat of 'La Cocina', to the funk of 'Suppadupe', to the Moroccan styling of 'Jangal'.

John Arnold - La Cocina
John Arnold - Suppadupe

John Arnold is a very much a staple of the Detroit electronic-jazz family having worked with the likes of Carl Craig, Amp Fiddler, and Jeremy Ellis. Indeed, Arnold and Ellis are regular DJ partners and have been putting out live unpredictable & eclectic shows for over ten years.

Style & Pattern is on Ubiquity and available from Amazon and Boomkat and probably others too.

10 October 2006

Confuzed Disco

I picked up this album, subtitled 'a retrospective of Italian records' on the cheap from Juno last week and I don't think a day has gone by without me listening to at least a couple of tracks from it. There are quite a range of styles on there, all from the eighties. There is some post disco 4/4 which stays melodic but obviously is more electronic based than seventies disco. Then there is some early house stuff as well as some electro business. They even managed to sneak a bit of synth pop in there too, which turns out to be my favourite track. I love the synth chords, the bouncey little bassline, the little piano trills and even the vocals on the Fawzia track below. The chorus is so euphoric it makes me want to just glide about with my arms stretched wide (not in public though!).

Fawzia - Please Don't Be Sad

There are a couple of tracks from Gaz Nevada featured. 'Secret Agent Man' should be familiar to fans of Morgan Geist, as it featured on his excellent Unclassics mix cd. The other track, 'I.C. Love Affair' is another slow paced electronic groove. The opening chords, arpeggio bassline and synth hook combine to produce a very hypnotic track.

Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair

There are a whole bunch of other great tunes on the album, samples can be found here at Juno where it is still a bargain at just £6.99 for a double LP.

02 October 2006


Tussle – Kling Klang

I'd never heard of Tussle or their 2004 debut album "Kling Klang" before picking it up on a whim a couple of weeks back in my local CD Exchange, purely because of the review quote on the front - "Writhing junkyard disco so limber your spine may spontaneously dissolve". It's almost that good too, mixing loose funky basslines with some insistent percussion. There's also a heavy dub influence apparent in the production too, with echo and reverb aplenty as well as spacey noises enveloping the grooves. Imagine an less streetsmart, completely instrumental ESG and you're kinda there.


Tussle - Eye Contact (MP3)

Tussle - Nightfood (MP3)

There's a couple more samples and tracks over at Tussle’s Website, I'm an Indian too is well worth the download especially. They've got a new album out in November, there's a new video up at Youtube to check out.

Buy Kling Klang from Play

01 October 2006

Happy Is The Only Way

That is the title of the Patrick Adams produced album by 'Sine' that I picked up in Guildford on Friday. Released on Prelude/CBS in 1977, it's five extended length tracks of funky disco, conga breaks and a whole lotta synth lead. Good stuff then!

I didn't have a whole lot of time for record shopping but I'd been told that Ben's Collector Records was well worth a visit. A quick flick through the cheap section resulted in a purchase of some MJ and Brass Construction LP's at which point the guy at the counter told me 'there is more of that kinda stuff out the back'. A much better (and higher priced) selection indeed, shame he didn't warn me about the stoner 'assistant' who insisted on playing me random stuff I didn't know, even though I said I was just here for a quick browse. Anyway, he picked out this so I can't moan too much.

Patrick Adams was invovled with many other projects including Bumblebee Unlimited and the Universal Robot Band. Sine only did this one album, but the track 'Just Let Me Do My Thing' was a popular disco number and even graced the UK charts. They returned in 1983 with another single 'Rotation' but that is all the groups known output. The title track is a nice vocal number that tails off into some synth solo's in the latter half. Track two 'Chimi' is a more uptempo instrumental. I love the chord progression on the piano in the main hook and the extended breakdown in the third minute before the groove drops back in again. Enjoy!

Sine - Happy Is The Only Way
Sine - Chimi

21 September 2006

Making Me Feel So Sure

So, the irritating Robbie Williams is covering Lewis Taylor 'Lovelight' and is releasing it as his next single. Somewhat surprisingly Robbie doesn't ruin it - it doesn't have that soul that the original has, instead invoking a disco party feel. Mark Ronson is on production but in all honesty he adds little to the proceedings.

I felt it only right to post the original.

Lewis Taylor - Lovelight

Lewis Taylor was one of the UK’s soul scene great hopes for almost a decade. He is also unique in the fact that he is the complete package. Lewis is the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer on most (if not all) of his albums. Always pegged for greater things, the breakout to commercial success never came.

Lewis Taylor - Stoned Pt. 1
Lewis Taylor - Positively Beautiful

As of 2006 he is no longer involved the music industry and, apparently, is now writing comedy for the Chuckle Brothers (?!!). Such a shame - unless of course, you love the Chuckle Brothers.

All tracks posted are taken from the 2002 album, "Stoned, Pt. 1" which can be bought from Amazon

18 September 2006

Masters at Work

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Nobody does this type of soulful house better as far as I'm concerned. This track was featured on their 2002 album Our Time Is Coming, although it was a very short edit. I have a limited edition white vinyl single, backed with the excellent 'To Be In Love' and signed by the boys (not personally unfortunately). Here the track is layed out in its full glory, and sounding much better for it in my opinion. I love the bubbling bassline and the sweet rhodes piano. Almost worth the £11 I paid for it! More information on James Ingram can be found here.

James Ingram - Lean On Me

17 September 2006

Dr Who Dat?

Dr Who Dat

I make a point to buy everything released on Lex Records, not only because the music is routinely great but also as the CD packaging is always gorgeous - embossed sleeves, foldout inlays and not a jewelcase in sight.

Their latest release, Beat Journey by Dr Who Dat? (aka Philly MC/Producer Jneiro Jarel) is no exception on either front. Musically it reminds me of Madlib at his most hazy and loose, taking in influences from hiphop, jazz and soul to make an layered dreamlike instrumental record you can just blissfully drift off to on a sunny afternoon. As the title suggests, it works best as a complete album and other than a couple of harsher-sounding tracks which feel a little out of place, flows extremely well throughout.

Dr Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought

There's some more tracks to listen to over at Myspace and you can buy the strictly limited edition 2CD Version over at Play.

16 September 2006

Namie Amuro

I like finding oddities of tunes in unlikely places. This is one such example. Namie Amuro is one of J-Pop's biggest selling artists with total sales of 27 million and was possibly the most well recognised name on the scene in the 90's. The music is typically hi-octane DDR Pop. More recently she has moved into a more Americanised R&B sound, working with the likes of Dallas Austin, and proclaiming herself 'The Queen of Hip-Pop'.

'Storm' doesn't fit with any of this. It's a smokey Jazz bar type of tune, with a modern squelchy beat. It reminds me quite a bit of Christina Aguilera's current 30's/40's fixation, but with a lot less diva attached.

Namie Amuro - Storm

If you are feeling adventurous you can find 'Storm' on the 1997 album 'Concentration 20', which you can buy from here.

The House Spectrum

I recorded a new mix today. It features many different styles of house music, from deep to bleep to funky - hence the name 'The House Spectrum'. Nothing fancy, just 2 decks, a mixer and a bunch of (old) records. Turned out alright, couple of iffy mixes but nothing awful. Tracklisting:

01. Derrick L. Carter - The Hollow Clash of Marionettes
02. Ibex - Macamba
03. Natural Rhythm - Jammin'
04. DJ Buck - Don't Take the Weight
05. Dimitri from Paris - Dirty Larry (Idjut Boys Classical Jazz Mix)
06. Torso - El Toro (Can 7 Fruitcake Mix)
07. Halo, Penn & Chus present 'Music for Playgrounds' - Vuelve a Casa
08. Derrick L. Carter - People (Alternate Mix)
09. Rev - Au
10. Drumprints One (Bug Dub)
11. Todd Bodine - The Lost Girl from Mexico
12. Freaks - Washing Machine (Sneak's Supa-Clean Mix)
13. The Drug Punks - Drug (Eric Morillo Dub)
14. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt


Feedback appreciated (positive or negative). Thanks

14 September 2006

Todd Terje

Todd Olsen/Todd Terje/Tangoterje tweaks other peoples records. He has re-edited tracks by Chaka Khan, Daft Punk, Santana, Wham! and other lesser known artists. He has also put out a few tracks under his own name which were very good, but for today I'll stick with the re-edits.

Juno finally got some more copies of his wonderful re-edit of 'I Can't Help It' last week so I quickly grabbed a copy. It extends Michael Jackson's original (possibly my favourite MJ track) to over nine minutes in length, adding some subtle, shuffling percussion, while remaining true to the smooth production that Quincy Jones created to begin with. I'm not gonna post up an mp3 of it though, if you know the original and think this sounds good - just buy the 12" - you won't be dissapointed.

What I will post up though is one of the tracks on the b-side called 'Let Love Enter'. Discogs tells me that it was originally by Michael Henderson. I can't tell you much about the artist or the track, but it has a Latin-ish vibe and is really happy and swinging. Just one of those songs with a great beat and the ability to make you smile. If anybody knows the original I'd be interested to hear what's different.

Tangoterje - Let Love Enter

12 September 2006

Dap Dippin' With...

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Listening to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings' music without any prior knowledge, you'd probably think that it's a lost slab of classic funk from one of James Brown's Funky Divas. But as with much of the music on funk revivalists Daptone Records, it's 100% contemporary.

This track of theirs is a bit of a barnstormer; transforming Janet Jackson's What Have You Done For Me Lately? into a near unrecognisable sass-fuelled funk bomb, the original's beat turned into a supertight guitar riff. Along with Daptones Records habit of making their album's art and packaging look as authentic as the music within (check their 2002 debut album cover above), they even cheekily suggested that the Janet Jackson song was a cover of an obscure Sharon Jones soul hit from the 60s.

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Much of the rest of their debut album is of similar quality, taking the original blueprint and keeping the octane high. Despite the authentic sound (the production is perfect, completely sheen-free) it doesn't come across as a work of lazy nostalgia - the Dap Kings keep the music raw and tight, with Sharon Jones belting out like a true soul sister.

Buy at Amazon

11 September 2006


Bembe Segue is a bit of a force in the Broken Beat scene. She is most well known for lending vocals on the Bugz In The Attic breakout hit 'Booty La La' but she has worked with most in the field - the likes of Two Banks of Four, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Alex Attias & Kyoto Jazz Massive. I tend to fall in love with pretty much anything she is involved with.

Released only on 12", 'Afrospace' provides a typical workout for our girl. Switching styles effortlessly and building up layers of hypnotic vocals against a beautiful bed of percussion.

'Heaven' is taken from last years Tide's Arising by Mark De Clive-Lowe. As one of the few downtempo tracks on the album it's distinctive. Such a lovely piano-led soul track with a light groove to keep things ticking.

Bembe is currently busy working with Mark De Clive, again, on the collaborative project The Politik. Her MySpace page is also worth checking out, although details on a solo album are still not forthcoming.

Blakai Ft. Bembe Segue - Afrospace
Mark De Clive-Lowe - Heaven

10 September 2006

The Beauty Room

I've had a copy of the album 'Beyond An Infinite' for quite a while now and it's got to the point where even the weaker tracks have grown on me, making this a very solid album. Listening to it whilst walking around in the sunshine today reminded me how smooth and relaxing it is - perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. It's now on general release and you can buy it at Amazon.

The Beauty Room - Burn My Bridges

You can find out more information and listen to other tracks at the groups MySpace page.

09 September 2006


Do you have the groove in you? I hope so, for your sake. But if not then we want to help you find it. Expect future posts to cover a wide range of music both old and new and from genres including House, Soul, Funk, Disco, Techno, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz and beyond.

I'll start off by posting the track that inspired the name for the blog. Harvey Mason's Groovin' You was released in 1979 on the Arista label. It was sampled heavily by Gusto for his 1995 house anthem 'Disco's Revenge'. My copy boasts that it was remastered by disco legend Tom Moulton! There was a 2001 remix by Joeski, who added some heavy drums and latin percussion to the groove as well as introducing a breakdown to the track. A nice alternative to the bouncey original.

Harvey Mason - Groovin' You
Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Mole Hole Dirty Mix - Original Remastered)
Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Joeski's Sleazy Mix)