30 June 2008

Jungle City

More edit sources today. I first heard 'Jungle City' by Lexx in Stockholm back in January and was instantly hooked on the shuffling rhythms and sweet melodies. Some time between then and the 12" release for Bear Funk, I found the original track on the Joey Negro & Sean P compilation 'The Soul of Disco'. Laura Green's vocal suits the mood of the music perfectly and it's a nice alternative to the largely instrumental edit from Lexx (which you can hear on his Myspace page). Not a lot of info on the original I'm afraid, only that it was a b-side to the 1979 single 'Let Me Blow Your Whistle'. I also highly recommend the mix Lexx did for Beats in Space earlier this year, an excellent selection of deep funk, house and techno. Get the mix and tracklisting here.

Laura Greene - Manhatten.mp3

26 June 2008

Classic Balearic

I managed to do a little record shopping whilst in Barcelona for Sonar last week (more info on that coming soon). I picked up a variety of italo, electro-pop and balearic bits at my favourite store 'Discos Edisons' after the festival, here is the full list:

Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan Mix)
Kano - I'm Ready
Ivan - Baila
William Pitt - City Lights
Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna
Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now (Jellybean Mix)
Gary Low - Forever, Tonight And All My Life
Digital Emotion - Steppin' Out
Spargo - Go

Never mind the so called 'Nu-Balearic' scene, you can't go wrong with classics like this!

William Pitt - City Lights.mp3

Staying with the summery theme, there is a lovely cut on the Spargo album called 'One Night Affair'. It leans towards the poppy/cheesy side of disco but I love the melody and chord progression, plus I'm a sucker for anything with a piano solo in.

Spargo - One Night Affair.mp3

Spargo - Go.mp3

The title track from the LP was annoyingly familiar sounding when I previewed the record in the shop but it wasn't until I got back home and browsed through my edits folder that I realised what it was. Lovefingers reworked it for his 'Bermuda' track, featured on the excellent RVNG of the NRDS Vol.4 EP from last year - check it out if you haven't already, 'Zoysia' on there is killer stuff.

Buy the EP from igetrvng.com

Aube records deliver again.


Just a little extra post to let you know this is now available from all good record stores. As ever from Aube, it's top quality stuff - get in there quick for the limited edition with handmade artwork from Kraftwerk's Emil Schmult!

aube005: Roland Sebastian Faber - Wettkampf der Moleküle

a - side: Molecular
aa- side: Eisengard

Molecular — a battle of particles... racing melodies fighting for dominance. An electronic pop tune with baroque influences somewhere between Johan Sebastian Bach and Jean Michel Jarre. Catchy, haunting, energetic and competitive. Let the games start! Eisengard is a story about a mellow ashra temple affair, a soundscape mixed with David Gillmore 'esque guitars and 808 beats.

Support from Aeroplane (Eskimo), Matt Edwards (Rekids/Quiet Village/Radio Slave) and I-F (CBS, Viewlexx). Stream both tracks in full at the new Aube website:


22 June 2008

Afro-Cosmic roots

DJ History have a really interesting interview with Gianni Zuffa, owner of the Disco Piu record store in that supplied Baldelli, Mozart and the other local Italian DJ´s of the 70s and 80s the obscure music that they craved. That particular scene always seems so shrouded in mystery, so it´s nice to read such an honest and in depth article from somebody who was actually there. Highly recommended reading.

Gianni Zuffa interview

12 June 2008

The Brand New Disco Sound

I'll take the chance to post something brand new today. Gomma were kind enough to send me the promo for the new Munk single 'Live Fast Die Old' featuring Asia Argento. There is a clubbed up mix from The Juan Maclean but it's the slow piano stomp of the original that's really doing it for me. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a warm summers day. Keep an eye out for the 12" which is out soon.

Munk - Live Fast Die Old.mp3

09 June 2008

Dunn Pearson Jr


One of my favourite disco finds was actually on a compilation cd by Ian O'Brien and Kirk Degiorgio. "The Soul of Science" album is an excellent collection of Jazz and Downtempo moods, Soul and Funk grooves and a couple of Disco tracks thrown in for good measure. The rare Dunn Pearson Jr track included is a real belter. Lovely big sounding drums, a funky bassline and the tight guitar licks combine with a great string and horn section with the piano rounding off the classic disco sound. The vocal hook of the chorus is joyous and the synth solo to fade is the icing on the cake.

Dun Pearson Jr. - Groove On Down.mp3

05 June 2008

Seattle & Vancouver

This will be the last dull list of music I've bought, seeing as I am back home in the UK now. It's certainly nice to finally play all the records and not just carry them around!


Romanelli - Connecting Flight LP
Passport – Infinity Machine LP
Weather Report – Heavy Weather LP
Passport – Sky Blue LP
Spyra Gyra – Carnival LP
Tomita – Snowflakes Are Dancing LP
Dc La Rue – Cathedrals 12
Ian O’brien – A History Of Things To Come LP
Starguard – Wear It Out 12
The Parallax Corporation Ep (Viewlexx)
Nu Colours – Desire 12
Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Larry Levan Mixes)
The JB’s – Groove Machine LP
ALPhonso Johnson – Moonshadows LP
Lonnie Liston Smith – Live! LP
Jerry Knight – Overnight Sensation 12
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance 12
Electronic – Get The Message 12
Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby 12
Ozone – Jump On It LP
Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat) 1988 Ultimix 12
Vincent Capretta – Starlove 12
Shirley Lites – Slip Away 12
Evelyn Thomas – Heartless 12
Chilly – For Your Love LP
Space Art – S/T LP
Space Art – Trip In The Centre Head LP
Wally Badarou – Echoes LP
Deodato – Knights Of Fantasy LP
Tropea – Short Trip Into Space LP
Stardrive – Intergalactic Trot LP
Paul Speer – Collection 983: Spectral Voyages LP
Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Movie Themes LP

Chateau Flight – Body Language 5 cd
Zombie – Surface To Air cd


Trouble Funk – Good To Go 12
Black Sun – S/T LP
Jambo & Co – Close Encounters 12
Dan Hartman – Countdown/This Is It 12
Paul Horn – Jupiter 8 LP
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence 12
George Duke – The Aura Will Prevail LP
Space Art – Play Back LP
Love Committee – Law & Order 12
Dexter Wansell – I’ll Never Forget (My Favourite Disco) 12
Loveride – Iko Iko / San Francisco Serenade 12
Jeanne Shy – Night Dancer / That Old Black Magic 12
Gino Soccio – Turn It Around 12
K.I.D. – Don’t Stop 12
Space – Deliverance LP
Dobie Gray – You Can Do It 12
The Tee Cee’s – Disco Love Bite LP
Convertion – Let’s Do It 12
Tropique – The Runner 12
Sphinx – Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter LP
Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force 12
Arthur Prysock – When Love Is New 12
Poussez – You’re All I Have / Boogie With Me 12
George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair LP
The Doors – L.A. Woman LP
New Musik – Warp LP

Jeff Mills – Blue Potential cd/dvd