27 July 2007


I had an email this week about the Elektrons new single 'Get Up', featuring Soup from Jurassic 5 and vocalist Pete Simpson. I missed their last single ‘Dirty Basement’ (listen on Myspace) but the new one is hot. If we ever get a summer, it will be a great soundtrack to it! The video is a mixture of live shots and animation, including breakdancing, tentacles and robots! I've added the crappy quality YouTube version for convenience but there is also a high quality stream available, I highly recommend you watch that instead! Get the single from August 6th on Wall of Sound. The forthcoming album 'Red Light Don't Stop' is out August 28th. Check out their website for more goodies: http://www.Elektrons.net

26 July 2007

This Is Not A Jazz Mix

A bunch of (mostly) late 70s and early 80s funk stuff I strung together last night. It's a little rough around the edges but then I don't work with vinyl a lot anymore. There are some cracking tunes to make up for it, a couple of which have been featured here previously. Running time is approximately 52 minutes. Tracklist:

Cadillac - Arturo
Kano - Dance School
The Chaplin Band - Angelina
General Caine - L.R.J. Pop (Remix Version)
Donald Byrd - Dance Band
Olympic Runners - Solar Heat
Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start II Dance Again (Party Version)
House of 909 - The Blandford Superfly
Mandre - Solar Flight (Opus I)

acidbearboy - this is not a jazz mix.mp3

15 July 2007

Rev. Louis Overstreet

It being the day of rest and all, I thought it was high time to share a couple of tracks from one of the more interesting albums in my collection - Live at the Powerhouse Church of God by Reverend Louis Overstreet. A live recording from 1960 of a raw and intense gospel sermon from the Rev. Overstreet, unlike virtually anything else I've heard before. His voice comes over like a great bluesman, deep and soulful constantly singing praise (listen to "Getting Richer" for a taste) whilst his raucous blues guitar playing is on the verge of turning into rock'n'roll at any point. It's the pure rhythm in the songs that always amazes me, as well as drums every track (no matter the pace) has the congregation clapping along creating a hazy, trancelike feel that you get completely lost in where it just builds and builds (Listen to "In the Morning (Holiness Dance)" for a perfect example).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - I'm Working on a Building (MP3).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - Getting Richer (MP3).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - In the Morning (Holiness Dance)(MP3).

It's not a varied album by any means, but that's not really the point; no matter your religious persuasion (and I'm as non-religious as they come), it's hard not to get completely swept up in the passion and energy on display.
There's a little piece about it at Emusic where it's described as the "probably the greatest gospel recording ever", high praise but richly deserved. Who said the devil had all the best tunes?

Buy Rev. Louis Overstreet - Live at the Powerhouse Church of God from Emusic

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09 July 2007

Let No Man Jack Asunder

It only recently dawned on me that the acid house classic "Jack Your Body" by Steve 'Silk' Hurley, a number 1 hit at the start of 1987 in the UK, takes its main bassline riff from the equally, if not more-so classic "Let No Man Put Asunder" by First Choice. I've gone for the original 12" mix of Jack Your Body and a nice little Danny Krivit re-edit/medley of Let No Man.. featuring parts from the Frankie Knuckles, Walter Gibbons and Shep Pettibone remixes. Jack it up out there!

First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Danny Krivit Medley).mp3

Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body.mp3

03 July 2007

Creatures of the Night

I always thought that the tracklisting and the cover art for this Radio Slave (aka Rekid, Quiet Village or boring old Matt Edwards) mix cd looked cool and so when I saw it in the sale over at Juno the other week (link) I thought I'd give it a go. Apart from a slight slump in the middle, the track selection and sequencing is really good. The mix starts out with the cheeky groove of Rub n Tug's remix of Sly Mongoose - Snakes and Ladders. The following track, Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy is equally good; one half dirty electro, the other twinkling cosmic synths. Radio Slave's own remix of X-Press 2 - Kill 100 takes us towards deep vocal house territory. I'm not fussed on the tracks from Green Velvet and Senor Coconut but they're certainly not awful. The last few tracks more than make up for them though. Matt picks out a few old classics from the likes of Corey Hart, Joe Smooth and The Osmonds, then closes the mix with this little gem from Dennis Parker. You may recognise the chorus, it was sampled a few years back by Par-T-One on their club hit I'm So Crazy. The original track is so much better though!

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle.mp3 (Zshare)

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle.mp3 (YourFileHost)