27 March 2008


So I failed miserably in my mission to blog one track per day during the month of March, covering the hidden gems of my vinyl collection from A-Z. Having packed all my records away ready for going abroad next week, I did one last mix using Serato last night before packing away the decks themselves. Enjoy the A-Z mix from the dregs of my random mp3 folder - there are some great tracks in there!

acidbearboy's A-Z Mix.mp3

alexander robotnick - les grands voyages de l'amour
b52's - song for a future generation
captain rapp - bad times (i can't stand it)
data - aerius light (breakbot's rework)
electronic - free will
flowmasters - let it take control (pumped piano mix)
gus gus - don't hide what you feel
h-foundation - tonight (king britt's sexy mix)
isoul8 - speak your word
jamie lidell - when i come back around (freeform reform)
kylie minogue - slow (extended instrumental)
lee douglas - same changes
m & g - boogie tonight
nomadic - metro-mover
octave one - nicolette
transformer 2 - pacific symphony too
queen samantha - take a chance
recloose - cardiology (isolee remix)
serge gainsbourg - bonnie & clyde (herbert mix)
t-coy - carino
unknown dj - 808 beats
valerie dore - get closer (extended)
wham - everything she wants
x district feat. jimmy edgar - color correction
young holt unlimited - soulful strut
zombi - end credits

26 March 2008

Amp Fiddler Remix Competition

Finland's finest Willy Baxter is a finalist in the recent Amp Fiddler remix competition, run on the excellent DJ History website. His remix of the track "Hope" is now on Amp Fiddler's myspace page for all to hear. It's a great remix so go take a listen and leave some comments to show your support.


Willy also has some new material on his page so be sure to check that too, or visit his new last.fm profile for even more streaming tracks. Best of luck!

10 March 2008

Disco Demands

I checked out the three Disco Demands compilations a week or two ago after looking into the fantastic Million Dollar Orchestra project (which I'm sure I'll post about shortly) and they're almost consistently great. Collections of rare cuts, re-edits and just general classic tunes; rather than featuring the usual disco staples you can almost guarantee that there'll be unheard material for you - I'd only ever heard one of the tracks before out of all 3 compilations.

As a sample of what you can expect, this Firebolts cut is superb. Slap bass, sunshine guitar, joyful stuff.

The Firebolts - Everybody Party (Get Down) (Re-Edit) (MP3):YSI

Another sample, check "How Can I Tell Her" by Curtis which is from the first compilation. If you ever need a song to remind you why you love music, this is it:

You can buy Volumes 2 and 3 on CD for the insanely low price of £3.50 each from their online shop or all 3 collections in MP3 format here Bear in mind that the official store MP3s are 320kps, I transcoded this sample down so as not to annoy anyone!

05 March 2008

Francois Kevorkian

A classic deep house EP that has stood the test of time brilliantly. It was the remix EP on Open records that I initially bought, as I couldn't find the original 12". It was a pretty heavyweight package including remixes from Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia, Angel Moraes and Deep Zone (Mike Delgado & Matthias Heilbronn) covering most of the different flavours of house at the time. I'm going with the Mike & Matty Show mix from Deep Zone. They took Hypnodelic, my favourite track from the original EP, and transformed it from a deep and spaced out groove into a seriously funky slice of New York house complete with heavy percussion and sexy mute trumpet. The blog is really living up to its name with this track today!

Francois K - Hypnodelic (Mike & Matty Show).mp3

04 March 2008

David Holmes

I'm not sure where I first heard David Holmes - Don't Die Just Yet, possibly on Radio 1 but I can remember the shop I bought it from (now long gone, like all the rest in Portsmouth) so maybe it was an instore recommendation. Regardless, it's a lovely track and one I only recently managed to find a digital copy of. My vinyl recording was a bit rough sounding so it's nice to have a cd rip. This is a remix by Arab Strap, who annoyingly renamed the track they remixed! I love the vocal, the beat, the piano loop and eventually those strings that just spiral out of control.

David Holmes - The Holiday Girl (Don't Die Just Yet).mp3