15 December 2007

Possible Worlds

I've been after this remix EP from The Shamen for years. I couldn't even find an mp3 of Possible Worlds - Stick, which I'm pleased to say still sounds fantastic at least 5 years since I last heard it and over 15 years since its release. Trippy, acid soaked early tech-house with lush synth pads, a nice rolling bassline and excellently programmed beats.

The Shamen - Possible Worlds (Stick).mp3

As a bonus, there are two decent mixes of Make It Mine on the second 12" from Moby. The Deep Mix is lovely floaty stuff but I think I'd prefer it without the vocals. The Dub Mix drops most of the vocals, but loses the deep and floaty feeling due to the more energetic beat, as used in Outlander - Vamp.

The Shamen - Make It Mine (Moby's Deep Mix).mp3
The Shamen - Make It Mine (Moby's Dub Mix).mp3


Jamie said...

Thanks for posting these! I love these Shamen tracks....I've never heard these remixes though. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

can you re-up the possible worlds track please