27 March 2008


So I failed miserably in my mission to blog one track per day during the month of March, covering the hidden gems of my vinyl collection from A-Z. Having packed all my records away ready for going abroad next week, I did one last mix using Serato last night before packing away the decks themselves. Enjoy the A-Z mix from the dregs of my random mp3 folder - there are some great tracks in there!

acidbearboy's A-Z Mix.mp3

alexander robotnick - les grands voyages de l'amour
b52's - song for a future generation
captain rapp - bad times (i can't stand it)
data - aerius light (breakbot's rework)
electronic - free will
flowmasters - let it take control (pumped piano mix)
gus gus - don't hide what you feel
h-foundation - tonight (king britt's sexy mix)
isoul8 - speak your word
jamie lidell - when i come back around (freeform reform)
kylie minogue - slow (extended instrumental)
lee douglas - same changes
m & g - boogie tonight
nomadic - metro-mover
octave one - nicolette
transformer 2 - pacific symphony too
queen samantha - take a chance
recloose - cardiology (isolee remix)
serge gainsbourg - bonnie & clyde (herbert mix)
t-coy - carino
unknown dj - 808 beats
valerie dore - get closer (extended)
wham - everything she wants
x district feat. jimmy edgar - color correction
young holt unlimited - soulful strut
zombi - end credits

1 comment:

Nat said...

Great mix!

Love the middle section with that proggy, disco house vibe.