12 October 2008

Evelyn Thomas & Eleanor Grant

A couple of Electro-Soul gems from 1984 for you today...

Heartless on Vanguard records was written and produced by Ian Levine & Fiachra Trench, who supposedly started the High Energy trend with their production of Evelyn Thomas' other 1984 hit High Energy. Heartless is a much smoother and more soulful number though, the loose vocal & piano intro leading beautifully into a super funky groove with a nice little synth hook. It's a great song once it gets going, with a well delivered vocal about a lover who turns out to be married. Not sure the key change near the end was needed but top stuff otherwise.

Evelyn Thomas - Heartless.mp3

I picked up this track by Eleanor Grant thinking it would be a cover of the Michael Jackson classic. It's not though, they just share the same title. The 12" was released on Catawba/CBS Records and was produced by George Kerr. It's a good track with a classic chunky 80s beat and bassline sound. I can't find much info about Eleanor Grant; Discogs only has 3 releases listed and there is nothing on Youtube. Oh well, just enjoy the music!

Eleanor Grant - Don't Stop (Til You Get Enough).mp3

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