08 November 2008

T.C. Curtis & Bryan Loren

A couple more 80s jams for your listening pleasure, both of these are on the Virgin label. First up is a nice little mid-tempo boogie/disco shuffler called You Should Have Known Better. There were 2 versions of it doing the rounds in 1985 - this one from T.C. Curtis and another from Skratch. They're not hugely different, Skratch had a tighter beat but I prefer the vocals on this one (backing vocals from Galaxy). It was written by William Alexander Smith and licenced from Hot Melt records.

T.C. Curtis - You Should Have Known Better.mp3

Next we have Bryan Loren who had a minor hit with Lollipop Luv in 1983. Easier Said Than Done was the follow up single from 1984, licenced from Philly World records. It's a little less poppy sounding and more funky. Doesn't look as if Bryan released anything else, although he has a number of production credits on Discogs including Bart Simpson's Do The Bartman - which to this day I never knew was written by Michael Jackson!

Bryan Loren - Easier Said Than Done.mp3


Anonymous said...

Thanx!!!!! You Are The Best....

Anonymous said...

Hi there and thanks for this GEM . I only had the instrumental version so far but i can now enjoy also the vocal one. Keep up the good work.
PS I really like the layout of your blog as well as the content.
Fabio, London UK