04 February 2007

This Is Not Another Trilogy

I love an album that just comes straight out with an amazing track from the off. The fact that this particular album has ten more excellent tracks following it is a treat indeed. I'm talking about "Just Another Story" from Jamiroquai's second album: The Return of the Space Cowboy [1994]. The opening chords on the rhodes are oh so smooth, little Moogs bubble away in the background, the drums start a light but urgent shuffle and of course the bassline is pure funk. Sweet melody lines come in from the synth lead and JK begins his story. After the opening section, a new groove emerges and the rest of the band get their chance to play. The DJ slips in some well timed cuts and the percussion is tight and perfectly placed. Later, the lead guitar starts to jam amd the brass section get to do their thing. Things eventually break down to a flute solo and the tune mellows out for a while before building up to the climax.

Jamiroquai - Just Another Story.mp3

A bold opener from a band who were obviously very confident in their sound. There are so many things going on throughout the duration of the track, but never is the music overbearing or cluttered; this was a band who were totally in tune with each other. Much as I like their new brand of poppy disco, I find it slightly dissapointing that they have pretty much left this jazz-funk sound behind. The first two albums will always be classics to me, the later albums merely being 'good' with a couple of classic tracks scattered throughout them.

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