27 April 2007

Kathy Diamond

Kathy Diamond

I happened upon Kathy Diamond's album Miss Diamond to You this afternoon at Emusic and it has proven a treat; her retro-futuristic disco created by House Producer Maurice Fulton.

Kathy arguably isn't the strongest singer, her voice often lost against the thick, almost dubby music that Fulton cooks up and it's this excellent production that's the real draw for me: The mid-section of All Woman where the synth untangles out into a extended breakdown, the psyched-out organ solo on Over or the percussion heavy opening of Until the Sun Comes Down which feels chaotic and steady at the same time are all great musically.

I had trouble deciding on what to upload as a sample but settled on The Moment mainly for the slick slap-bass, extensive use of handclaps (ALWAYS a good look) and some blissful Italo-ish piano lines at the end. Download away:

Kathy Diamond - The Moment.mp3 (alt link)

Stream the track Over on her MySpace page.

It's not out until May on CD (pre-order from Play) but you can buy it digitally now at Emusic, along with her previous singles "Over" and "All Woman". I've cherry-picked my favourite tracks from the previews so haven't given the full album a listen but I love what I've heard so far.

More info (although not much!) on MySpace


Paul said...

This is good stuff Ben. I'm really feeling the retro vibe on this and 'Over' is infectiously hypnotic.

acidbearboy said...

Much as I like the noodling organ in 'Over', it's pretty dull. 'The Moment' is better, I like the funky bass and the old school piano going on. Both tracks seem to be lacking some energy or something though, bit predictable.