01 May 2007

New Kelley Polar!

I've been waiting a long time for some new material and his new EP Chrysanthemum is released today on Environ records. Sadly, the EP and hi-rez video are only available to purchase at iTunes for now, meaning I can't tell you much about the music. I do rather like the video by Marco Cibola though. Although the cosmic theme from Love Songs of the Hanging Garden seems to have gone, the music has retained his own unique style. You can also stream the track Chrysanthemum on his Myspace page. A vinyl release is coming later this month, as are digital downloads from other vendors.

Gavin @ Myspace

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Jonathan said...

Hey, looks like you beat me to this one. I've listened to the tracks, Chrysanthemum is definitely the star in my book, but Rosenband shines in the instrumental. Didn't know you had your own blog. I'll be checking you out in the future.
Also, you may like the new mix.