20 June 2007


Firstly, a quick apology for the lack of posts here lately. The last few weeks of university for me were pretty intense and I really wasn't listening to much new music. A few days after finishing, I headed out to Barcelona for Sonar 2007 with fellow Groover Paul. It was a great festival and a really nice break. I found a bit of time to do some record shopping while out there so I'll start by posting a couple of my purchases.

Kano were an Italian group that put out a bunch of Italo Disco and Electro Funk singles and LP's throughout the Eighties. I'm not hugely familiar with their work but have heard them mentioned many times before and have one of their tracks "Ikeya-Seki" from the excellent I:Robots compilation on Irma Records. The 12" I picked up in Barcelona was licenced from Full Time Records to the Spanish label HispaVox.

The opening notes of the "Another Life" were lifted by Lifelike & Kris Menance in their smash-hit "Discopolis" - which seems to have had the remix treatment by everybody and their dog since the original single-sided pressing on Alan Braxe's Vulture label in 2005. The Kano track features a nice chunky bassline and of course, plenty of synths! I'm sure the male vocals have also been sampled recently (the line "where were you when I was needing you" is so familiar). On the flip side is the bonus track "Dance School". Another vocal track, this time a little more mellow. Less Italo and more Funk or Soul sounding. Enjoy

Kano - Another Life.mp3

Kano - Dance School.mp3

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