01 May 2007

Bogdan Irkuk aka BULGARI

If I'm posting up a video for Kelley Polar, it seems rude not to post up this one from Bogdan Irkuk aka BULGARI aswell. He recently released The Distant EP on the new Rollerboys Recordings out of Sweden and it's one of the best things I've heard for a long time. Side A of the vinyl contains his original tracks - The Distant Message, All Nite Store and Curare (shown above). All three of them are classy electro/disco grooves featuring some lovely chord progressions. On the B side are a couple of nice remixes - Arken does a great rework of The Distant Message, adding a few neat little touches without losing sight of the original. Plus the Rollerboys' own Yourhighness adds some thump to All Night Store.

You can listen to all the tracks on Myspace. The original versions are on Bogdan's page and the remixes are on the Rollerboys page (links below).


Support this new label by ordering a copy of the EP on vinyl. Picadilly records are the UK stockist. Those of you outside the UK might want to order a copy from the Clone shop.

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