26 July 2007

This Is Not A Jazz Mix

A bunch of (mostly) late 70s and early 80s funk stuff I strung together last night. It's a little rough around the edges but then I don't work with vinyl a lot anymore. There are some cracking tunes to make up for it, a couple of which have been featured here previously. Running time is approximately 52 minutes. Tracklist:

Cadillac - Arturo
Kano - Dance School
The Chaplin Band - Angelina
General Caine - L.R.J. Pop (Remix Version)
Donald Byrd - Dance Band
Olympic Runners - Solar Heat
Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start II Dance Again (Party Version)
House of 909 - The Blandford Superfly
Mandre - Solar Flight (Opus I)

acidbearboy - this is not a jazz mix.mp3

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