15 July 2007

Rev. Louis Overstreet

It being the day of rest and all, I thought it was high time to share a couple of tracks from one of the more interesting albums in my collection - Live at the Powerhouse Church of God by Reverend Louis Overstreet. A live recording from 1960 of a raw and intense gospel sermon from the Rev. Overstreet, unlike virtually anything else I've heard before. His voice comes over like a great bluesman, deep and soulful constantly singing praise (listen to "Getting Richer" for a taste) whilst his raucous blues guitar playing is on the verge of turning into rock'n'roll at any point. It's the pure rhythm in the songs that always amazes me, as well as drums every track (no matter the pace) has the congregation clapping along creating a hazy, trancelike feel that you get completely lost in where it just builds and builds (Listen to "In the Morning (Holiness Dance)" for a perfect example).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - I'm Working on a Building (MP3).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - Getting Richer (MP3).

Rev. Louis Overstreet - In the Morning (Holiness Dance)(MP3).

It's not a varied album by any means, but that's not really the point; no matter your religious persuasion (and I'm as non-religious as they come), it's hard not to get completely swept up in the passion and energy on display.
There's a little piece about it at Emusic where it's described as the "probably the greatest gospel recording ever", high praise but richly deserved. Who said the devil had all the best tunes?

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