03 July 2007

Creatures of the Night

I always thought that the tracklisting and the cover art for this Radio Slave (aka Rekid, Quiet Village or boring old Matt Edwards) mix cd looked cool and so when I saw it in the sale over at Juno the other week (link) I thought I'd give it a go. Apart from a slight slump in the middle, the track selection and sequencing is really good. The mix starts out with the cheeky groove of Rub n Tug's remix of Sly Mongoose - Snakes and Ladders. The following track, Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy is equally good; one half dirty electro, the other twinkling cosmic synths. Radio Slave's own remix of X-Press 2 - Kill 100 takes us towards deep vocal house territory. I'm not fussed on the tracks from Green Velvet and Senor Coconut but they're certainly not awful. The last few tracks more than make up for them though. Matt picks out a few old classics from the likes of Corey Hart, Joe Smooth and The Osmonds, then closes the mix with this little gem from Dennis Parker. You may recognise the chorus, it was sampled a few years back by Par-T-One on their club hit I'm So Crazy. The original track is so much better though!

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle.mp3 (Zshare)

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle.mp3 (YourFileHost)

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blackplastic said...

Hey Acid Bear Boy (long time no speak...), glad to hear you like this. Personally I tend to be a pretty serious fan of almost everything Eskimo release but feel this is definitely one of the best non-Glimmers mix CDs. The Dennis Parker track is the bomb too.

Keep on keeping on anyhow... If you fancy seeing my full opinion my review is over at BlackPlastic.