30 June 2008

Jungle City

More edit sources today. I first heard 'Jungle City' by Lexx in Stockholm back in January and was instantly hooked on the shuffling rhythms and sweet melodies. Some time between then and the 12" release for Bear Funk, I found the original track on the Joey Negro & Sean P compilation 'The Soul of Disco'. Laura Green's vocal suits the mood of the music perfectly and it's a nice alternative to the largely instrumental edit from Lexx (which you can hear on his Myspace page). Not a lot of info on the original I'm afraid, only that it was a b-side to the 1979 single 'Let Me Blow Your Whistle'. I also highly recommend the mix Lexx did for Beats in Space earlier this year, an excellent selection of deep funk, house and techno. Get the mix and tracklisting here.

Laura Greene - Manhatten.mp3

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