26 June 2008

Classic Balearic

I managed to do a little record shopping whilst in Barcelona for Sonar last week (more info on that coming soon). I picked up a variety of italo, electro-pop and balearic bits at my favourite store 'Discos Edisons' after the festival, here is the full list:

Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan Mix)
Kano - I'm Ready
Ivan - Baila
William Pitt - City Lights
Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna
Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now (Jellybean Mix)
Gary Low - Forever, Tonight And All My Life
Digital Emotion - Steppin' Out
Spargo - Go

Never mind the so called 'Nu-Balearic' scene, you can't go wrong with classics like this!

William Pitt - City Lights.mp3

Staying with the summery theme, there is a lovely cut on the Spargo album called 'One Night Affair'. It leans towards the poppy/cheesy side of disco but I love the melody and chord progression, plus I'm a sucker for anything with a piano solo in.

Spargo - One Night Affair.mp3

Spargo - Go.mp3

The title track from the LP was annoyingly familiar sounding when I previewed the record in the shop but it wasn't until I got back home and browsed through my edits folder that I realised what it was. Lovefingers reworked it for his 'Bermuda' track, featured on the excellent RVNG of the NRDS Vol.4 EP from last year - check it out if you haven't already, 'Zoysia' on there is killer stuff.

Buy the EP from igetrvng.com


Anonymous said...

Spargo - "Go" was also featured on Mark7's excellent "SlowBlow" mix from a few years back.
Nice blog by the way.

acidbearboy said...

Thanks Martin, will have to look out for that mix.