26 June 2008

Aube records deliver again.


Just a little extra post to let you know this is now available from all good record stores. As ever from Aube, it's top quality stuff - get in there quick for the limited edition with handmade artwork from Kraftwerk's Emil Schmult!

aube005: Roland Sebastian Faber - Wettkampf der Moleküle

a - side: Molecular
aa- side: Eisengard

Molecular — a battle of particles... racing melodies fighting for dominance. An electronic pop tune with baroque influences somewhere between Johan Sebastian Bach and Jean Michel Jarre. Catchy, haunting, energetic and competitive. Let the games start! Eisengard is a story about a mellow ashra temple affair, a soundscape mixed with David Gillmore 'esque guitars and 808 beats.

Support from Aeroplane (Eskimo), Matt Edwards (Rekids/Quiet Village/Radio Slave) and I-F (CBS, Viewlexx). Stream both tracks in full at the new Aube website:


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