27 July 2008

Disco Galactica

A couple of Battlestar Galactica related goodies for you today. I picked up the 12" Disco remix of the Main Title a couple of years ago, mostly as I loved the sleeve art. The opening always reminds me of the legendary (and now sadly defunct CBS Top 100). It's a fairly generic disco remix of the theme, certainly not something to play out but an interesting record to own.

Stu Phillips - Theme From Battlestar Galactica (short).mp3

The other track is taken from the original soundtrack LP that I picked up in New York. All the other tracks on the album are the standard orchestral music from the film but this disco cut from the Casino on Carillon scene is a lovely little track that you could certainly play to non BSG lovers!

The Space Angels - It's Love, Love, Love.mp3

Here are the great covers for the LP, the back of which is where the single sleeve originates.
Front | Back

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