17 July 2008

T.S. Monk

Today's track comes from the son of Jazz legend Thelonious Monk, who also played drums as well as doing arrangements on this project. I picked up this 12" promo whilst in New York, it's one of those strange records with the same version on both sides. Taken from the LP 'More of the Good Life', the track was co-written and produced by Sandy Linzer, who had previously worked with Odyssey. It has a lovely smooth disco-soul sound, with a great vocal delivery from an uncredited singer as well as great backing vocal and string arrangements. There is also a nice little sax solo leading up to the break just before the 3 minute mark. Lay back and enjoy this smooth groove.

T.S.Monk - Too Much Too Soon.mp3

Discogs: T.S.Monk - Too Much Too Soon (12" Promo, Mirage Records 1981)

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