04 August 2008

Black Sun

I picked this one up in Zulu Records, Vancouver. Although the label says Rockland, it looks like it was distributed by the Quebec branch of Polydor. Composed by Phil Walter and recorded at producer Wally Hamilton's place in New Jersey during March of 1978, the self titled Black Sun LP on contains two extended disco workouts, complete with one of the best sleeves I've seen for a long time. There is even some cosmic photography inside! Although I don't recognise any of the players, the band are pretty tight. As well as Phil and Wally who both play keyboards, there is the standard disco line-up of drums, percussion, bass, guitar, synths, strings, brass and vocals.


Black Sun on side one is a real chugger, with plenty of disco stomp and a driving bassline. The female vocal sings of how the Black Sun broke her heart, stolen her love etc. It's not a big vocal number though, with the main hook coming off the synth and strings (it sounds kinda familiar, not sure if this has been edited or if it's just a rip-off of Gino Soccio's "Dancer"). The brass section gives the track a very ‘big’ feel and I always enjoy a guitar solo with my funk and disco.

Black Sun - Black Sun.mp3

Big Money on the flip is a higher tempo affair, too fast in my opinion, I prefer to slow it right down to -6. The groove is a more loose and funky for this one and there is a stronger emphasis on the vocal from Lenny Garcia. I really like the piano work on this track, great brass and string arrangements and a couple of nice percussive breakdowns too. My only criticism with the tracks is that after 15 minutes of funk, they both just fade out - lazy!

Black Sun - Big Money.mp3

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chris keys said...

black sun - black sun is a big track for me, i dropped it on the futureboogie mix i did, i cant seem to get enough of it... - nice one as always!!