16 October 2006

John Arnold

This week I've been digging the sounds of John Arnold. In particular the broken-beat number '1234', Shake!

John Arnold - 1234 (Ft. Paul Randolph)

The impressive thing about the album is the amount of different genres it touches upon, which is most immediately noticeable in the playful instrumental cuts. The afro beat of 'La Cocina', to the funk of 'Suppadupe', to the Moroccan styling of 'Jangal'.

John Arnold - La Cocina
John Arnold - Suppadupe

John Arnold is a very much a staple of the Detroit electronic-jazz family having worked with the likes of Carl Craig, Amp Fiddler, and Jeremy Ellis. Indeed, Arnold and Ellis are regular DJ partners and have been putting out live unpredictable & eclectic shows for over ten years.

Style & Pattern is on Ubiquity and available from Amazon and Boomkat and probably others too.

1 comment:

tox said...

likin' this bruk beat... reminds me of seiji/kaidi/ig culture but a little more polished. nice.