28 October 2006

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33

LCD Soundsystem

45:33 is maybe one of the stranger releases of the year; a Nike-endorsed largely lyric-free 45 minute long track designed for gym workout sessions from LCD Soundsystem who's lead singer/head honcho James Murphy is a self-styled "fat guy in a t-shirt".

Far less 4/4 than you'd maybe expect for a workout mix this slinks around funky soft-rock, some slightly Orbital-esque electronica, and horn-punctuated jazzy disco slowly building to around the 29 minute mark where it cuts loose with some propulsive bass-driven disco-punk, before finally cooling down with some beatless floating at the close - the thinking being that it's designed around how your body works during a running session. Although not sounding too similar to LCD Soundsystem's previous work (it's definitely got more in common with his dancier remixes as the DFA), it's definitely up with their best material and works equally well if you're listening either sweating it up as intended or vegetating in front of the PC screen.

This extract starts at about the 24 minute mark where it's kicking some loose spacey smoothness:

LCD Soundsystem – 45.33 Nike+Original Run (Snippet) (MP3)

Unfortunately, it's only available at Itunes at the moment so takes a little faffing around if you want it as anything other than their horrible DRM'd M4As to put on your MP3 player, but there's rumblings that it'll receive a proper release next year.


Paul said...

Yeah, I read about this late last week and was stuck by the great, fairly original concept. I saw a positive review treating it just as "music", which is just as well because I don't think Ill use it for it's intended purpose (unless commuting counts).

Ben said...

It does work just as a piece of music, surprisingly well actually. I have taken it out in the field so to speak and once you get locked into the groove it's great, there's no way I can handle 45 minutes of non-stop running though ;)

jayneemac said...

here you go:

pass: DFA