02 October 2006


Tussle – Kling Klang

I'd never heard of Tussle or their 2004 debut album "Kling Klang" before picking it up on a whim a couple of weeks back in my local CD Exchange, purely because of the review quote on the front - "Writhing junkyard disco so limber your spine may spontaneously dissolve". It's almost that good too, mixing loose funky basslines with some insistent percussion. There's also a heavy dub influence apparent in the production too, with echo and reverb aplenty as well as spacey noises enveloping the grooves. Imagine an less streetsmart, completely instrumental ESG and you're kinda there.


Tussle - Eye Contact (MP3)

Tussle - Nightfood (MP3)

There's a couple more samples and tracks over at Tussle’s Website, I'm an Indian too is well worth the download especially. They've got a new album out in November, there's a new video up at Youtube to check out.

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