01 October 2006

Happy Is The Only Way

That is the title of the Patrick Adams produced album by 'Sine' that I picked up in Guildford on Friday. Released on Prelude/CBS in 1977, it's five extended length tracks of funky disco, conga breaks and a whole lotta synth lead. Good stuff then!

I didn't have a whole lot of time for record shopping but I'd been told that Ben's Collector Records was well worth a visit. A quick flick through the cheap section resulted in a purchase of some MJ and Brass Construction LP's at which point the guy at the counter told me 'there is more of that kinda stuff out the back'. A much better (and higher priced) selection indeed, shame he didn't warn me about the stoner 'assistant' who insisted on playing me random stuff I didn't know, even though I said I was just here for a quick browse. Anyway, he picked out this so I can't moan too much.

Patrick Adams was invovled with many other projects including Bumblebee Unlimited and the Universal Robot Band. Sine only did this one album, but the track 'Just Let Me Do My Thing' was a popular disco number and even graced the UK charts. They returned in 1983 with another single 'Rotation' but that is all the groups known output. The title track is a nice vocal number that tails off into some synth solo's in the latter half. Track two 'Chimi' is a more uptempo instrumental. I love the chord progression on the piano in the main hook and the extended breakdown in the third minute before the groove drops back in again. Enjoy!

Sine - Happy Is The Only Way
Sine - Chimi

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