23 November 2006

Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club

This follows on pretty well from Gavin's Synthesized Mix from the other week. A bit of backstory: Originally released in 1978, Black Devil's Disco Club is a super-rare slice of dark proto-Italo Disco by French duo Bernard Fevre and Jackie Giordano. Unearthed in at a Carboot Sale for 20p by Rephlex's(Aphex Twin's own label) P.P. Roy, it was then reissued on the label in 2004.

There were murmurings at the time that it was all an elaborate ruse, a collaboration between Luke Vibert and Richard D James designed to sound like an analogue disco classic. If we are getting suckered though, I'm not overly concerned as long as the music is this good; all rippling basslines and Moroder-esque synths.

Black Devil Disco Club – Timing Forget the Timing (MP3)

Back to 2006, some new material from surviving member Bernard Fevre has been released on Lo Recordings. Apparently all newly recorded, hence the album title "28 After", it's amazingly every bit as good as the original recordings. Whilst never straying too far from the original formula, there's a more contemporary edge to proceedings but still retaining a strangely alien feel with the haunting vocals and slightly dark vibe. I'm completely smitten by the outro from On Other Skin, the squelchy bass and crisp disco beats interplaying perfectly with the sirens (?), synths and bongos:

Black Devil Disco Club – On Other Skin (MP3)

The Beeb have two more full tracks to stream from 28 After and you can catch Black Devil live in London next month - Info.

Buy 28 After and Disco Club at HMV.

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