21 November 2006

Rip Slyme

"Fumija's Back!" proclaimed the press release, and rightly so, as after a year long hiatus for DJ Fumija (citing illness as the reason) things were looking a little desperate for RIP SLYME. A year of filling their time with side projects (the BAPE promoting Teriyaki Boyz) and collaborations with the likes of indie band Quruli and old rocker Tomoyasu Hotei.

DJ Fumija is the glue that keeps RIP SLYME together. The beat maker who quietly sits in the background it is he who is ultimately responsible for the groups’ success in native Japan. "Blow" is a celebration of his return. Tag-team raps dominate the verses while disco strings wash over the chorus (in a style similar to the brilliant "Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson). I feel like posting a massive great big smiley face emoticon because I haven’t heard a more naturally joyous song all year.


The album Epoch is released on the 29th November and can be pre-ordered at cdjapan and Yes Asia.

1 comment:

Gavin said...

No thoughts on the track yet as I haven't had chance to listen but that album cover is brilliant. It wasn't until I opened it full that I realised they have pinched a healthy portion of the Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana artwork. Love it