16 January 2007



I discovered Aidos' album "Dans une apologie beate du show business generalize" completely by chance the other week but the album has really grabbed me. Produced entirely by a French musician, Raoul Canivet, on his laptop it has a sound somewhere between standard electronica and dark instrumental hiphop. It works well as an album, with glitchier tracks like "Etrange Ete" and "Dix Mille Degress" slightly reminiscent of Prefuse 73 or even Jan Jelinek, sitting nicely against the bassier, almost rave of "Celestial" and "Down".

The two tracks below are a pretty fair representation of the full record, the Sixtoo-ish skittery beats and rumbling bass of "A Venir" and the Gallic-flavoured boom-bap "Amertune". According to Last.Fm, I'm the only person in the world to have heard his music (!) but hopefully that'll soon change:

Download "Amertume" (mp3)

Download "A venir" (mp3)

from "Dans une apologie beate du show business generalize"
by Aidos
Pencilbrain Records

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