09 January 2007

Dub Style

I can't get enough of Trentemoller at the moment. His LP "The Last Resort" has been on heavy rotation since I got it at the start of December. With each listen it just gets better and better. The whole thing is full of beautiful textures, all layered on top of each other with some soft warm bass tones beneath them. The dubby sound of Chameleon, Evil Dub and in particular Nightwalker caught my attention. Buy the CD at Play.com

Trentemoller - Nightwalker (YSI)

These dub style sounds reminded me of a track from a few years back by a Swedish producer and a DJ named Jeff Bennett. It's considerably tougher, but retains the dub like bassline and echo chamber effects. This track is the b-side to his 2001 single "Undertaken", released on Episode records out of Germany. He has since gone on to release material on Poker Flat, Eukatech, Morris Audio and Plastic City as well as his own Kung Fu Dub label.

Jeff Bennett - Re-Taken (Zshare)

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