03 January 2007

Willy Baxter

I only found this guy on MySpace yesterday so I can't tell you much about him really. He is from Helsinki, Finland and is a friend of Kelley Polar (in the MySpace sense, I don't think they know each other personally) and I guess you could say that there is some similarity in their music. Like KP, Baxter's songs are all full of great melodies and there are all sort of cool sounds coming from his synths. I'm not convinced with the vocals in some places but they certainly aren't enough to deter from the otherwise great music. Let's hope he continues to produce more songs and eventually find a record deal. No mp3's I'm afraid so you'll have to listen over at his profile. Start with "Goin Soon" and "In Between" although all 4 tracks are well worth a listen.

Gavin @ MySpace

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Steve said...

Very pleasant indeed! I believe I just added you on Myspace, fwiw.