31 March 2007


I'm currently sat at home working on my final project for university, drinking tea and listening to lots of music. I find it difficult to decide what to put on some days, I'm a bit bored of my cd's at the moment and I don't like to listen to new music while working as I concentrate on it more than the work itself. So this week I dug out a few old essential mixes I had on cassette. There were some great sets during the first couple of months of 2000 from Mr.C, Parks & Wilson and Sasha. They really helped me develop my DJ style - moving away from the commercial house and trance I started out with and onto more progressive and tech-house sounds. I really enjoyed listening back to all three mixes even after all these years.

There were two tracks from Mr.C's mix that I always loved but could never find on vinyl. The lush Mystical Rhythm by Vince Watson was released on Alola records back in 1999 but still sounds fresh after all this time. Lovely, warm, soulful techno. The other track I was after was Burujha by Octave One, another melodic and deep techno groove.

Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm.mp3

You can buy a higher bit rate version at Juno Download, I recommend you check out some of Vince's albums if you like this track. If anybody knows where I can buy Burujha please let me know, I couldn't find it on my usual sites.

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Alex said...

This is ace.