01 March 2007

Watch Out For The Rave Alert

I grabbed a classic compilation from my youth on the cheap from Amazon Marketplace this week. I can't remember if it was me or a friend that had it originally, but either way I've had a copy on cassette for some years now. Released by Telstar in 1992, the cover warned the listener that a rave attack was imminent and they weren't wrong. Apart from a couple of duffers it's a really solid selection of tracks. It's also nice that they aren't all nasty 3 minute radio edits. I'll spare you the cheesier stuff like Seasame's Treat and A Trip To Trumpton and sock it to you straight with a couple of breakbeat monsters. I'll be back with a couple more tracks from this album in another post.

Jonny L - Hurt You So.mp3
Acen - Trip II The Moon (The Darkside).mp3

Oh and before any of you trainspotters feel the urge to tell me that a certain breakdown is missing from the Acen track - I know, but I feel this version is all the better without those James Bond strings.

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Adam said...

To be honest I'd like to hear the version with the strings!