18 March 2007

Nazi's, Star Wars & Electro

I bought this LP on the cheap some years ago now, not knowing anything about it. But how could I resist an album called "Generation Star Wars" that had Storm Troopers with the Nazi Swastika emblazoned on their helmets? For this reason, the first pressing was banned in Germany. The second pressing had the offending material removed and the 2000 reprint removed the Star Wars artwork altogether, I assume due to copywrite reasons.

Released in 1994, this was the debut LP from Germany's Alec Empire, a member of Atari Teenage Riot and the founder of the labels Geist and Digital Hardcore Recordings. At the time, it sounded like a noisy mess to me. However, after another listen during a recent vinyl sort out, it appealed more to my now matured ears. It's a cold, harsh soundscape of white noise and distorted electronics, alongside some beautiful ambient synths. I've gone for the epic opener "Lash the 90ties", its long eerie intro eventually making way for some industrial breakbeats. I've also picked out one of the ambient pieces "Pussy Heroin". You can purchase the album on cd from Amazon. Good luck finding a copy on vinyl!

Alec Empire - Lash The 90ties.mp3

Alec Empire - Pussy Heroin.mp3

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