05 March 2007

I'm Serious As Cancer

Something a little different from last weeks breakbeats, but just as good. As I said in my previous post, I liked Rave Alert for it's track selection and here we have two big hits from 1992 in remixed form. The Shamen, along with The Prodigy, were probably my favourite act as a youngster. The sheer amount of material that was available though meant I never heard it all and this remix of Love Sex Intelligence by 'Evil' Eddie Richards wasn't on any their cd's I owned. Eddie ups the tempo a little, cuts up a section of the vocal and slaps it over a chunky 4/4 beat, swapping Mr.C's raps for some big stabs on the keyboard. Simple but effective!

The Shamen - LSI (Freaked Out V1.02).mp3

Next up is Rhythm Is A Dancer from Snap! A classic tune that surely needs no introduction. I always liked the way this remix from Dance 2 Trance (one half of which was Jam & Spoon's Jam El Mar) really smoothed out the original. The main riff is played using a mellow guitar sound and as with LSI, the rap is dropped. I should point out that I have nothing against cheesey 90's raps, infact I think I know most of the words to both of the originals!

Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer (Purple Hazed Mix).mp3

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