03 October 2007

Slight Return

Wow, it's been rather quiet around here lately. Sorry for the lack of updates to anybody who reads regularly. Six weeks though(!), time flies and all that. Anyway, I've been busy with work (dull), trying my hand on a new online radio station, as well as working with some great artists over at 24:Hours to promote their new music. I hope you've been keeping up with the latest stuff from Smith n Hack, Ultracity, Roland Sebastian Faber and Komarken. If not, head on over there and catch up.

As well as discovering the new, I've also been researching the old. A few trips here and there and a little extra disposable income have meant my record collection has expanded quicker than usual and I really should start posting some of the better stuff up here. I'll start with this little gem from prog rock come popsters Barclay James Harvest. Taken from their 1979 LP "Eyes of the Universe", I bought it based purely on the bands rather pretentious sounding name and the cool cover art (plus it was only 50p). Not a particularly good album for the most part, but the opening track below has a nice little groove to it. A mixture of pop melodies, guitar chords and some good synthesizer work. The arpeggios and steady 4/4 beat mean that one of those cheeky re-edit's will probably pop up at some point in the not too distant future. Get there first!

Barclay James Harvest - Love On The Line.mp3

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