24 October 2007


So, solo album number two from Roisin Murphy has arrived, with a much different outlook than her first. Where Ruby Blue was positioned as a lavish collection of music and art, Overpowered is brash, bold and very much pop. Like all pop albums theres a multitude of producers (Seiji, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Andy Cato, Richard X) and thus a diverse selection of styles. The disco-diva approach fits best and is well represented, but the toe-tipping into broken beat with 'Footprints', the Timbaland-esq bow-bow-digga 'Checkin' On Me' and the electro of 'Cry Baby' hint at potential future directions.

Current single 'Let Me Know' is pure 80's disco groove and borrows heavily from 1981's 'Sure Shot' by Tracy Weber.

Tracy Weber - Sure Shot (Alt.Link)

The fall-out of projects such as this, is the number of tracks that didn't make the album. The unreleased Calvin Harris track 'Off and On' seems to be quite an omission. As is Mark De Clive-Lowe produced 'Unlovable', which is relegated to a b-side on a maxi-cd single (and who buys cd singles?!)

Róisín Murphy -Unlovable (Alt.Link)

Popjustice has the whole album available for streaming, so go have a listen, and vote with your wallet. Available to buy everywhere. Amazon, Play... even Woolworths.

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