05 November 2007

Spend Some Time

Once again I've suprised myself by picking out a real gem of a track from the charity shop racks with nothing but a bit of raw instinct. I'm certainly getting better at this digging game! The local British Heart Foundation shop has been good to me in the last couple of weeks. I've spent about £15 in there on old vinyl and nearly all of them have been really good. This track from Alton Edwards is probably my favourite. I love the chunky synth bassline, the crisp shuffling drums and the lovely chords. Even the cheesey little synthesized brass section makes me smile. It was released back in 1981 on Morgan Khan's Streetwave label. According to Discogs, Alton Edwards hasn't done much else, which is a shame as I'd definately like to hear more tracks like "I Just Wanna". I can't decide if I like the vocal or the instrumental best so here's both for you to enjoy.

Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You).mp3

Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Instrumental).mp3

Fileden links: Vocal | Instrumental


cp said...

This is an awesome chunk of disco goodness

thanks for sharing!


marcus said...

yes indeed

Anonymous said...

This is an old fave of mine, really like it... and nice to know that there are others out there feeling the same :-)


Anonymous said...

Some great and varied music on here.

Ben said...

This track is ace, love it!

Jimmy said...

fab track, been playing this out for a couple of monthes and everyone seems to love it, great blog by the way!/Jimmy from sweden