01 November 2007

Attention Music Lovers

The recent closure of the music sharing website Oink has whipped up a storm of commotion from the music industry as well as music lovers from across the world. One of the most well written pieces on the subject was recently posted by Rob over at Demonbaby.

The article features a lot of things I agree with (record companies need to change their current business model, a legal archive style website like Oink needs to be created) and some things I don’t (all music should be free). But it is an insightful read which has provoked much thought from me today.

Also, this 2003 paper was linked from one of the comments on the above. It too is a very interesting read, highlighting some of the problems within the record industry and their reluctance and/or failiure to adapt to the changes in technology threatening their business model.

The big labels are only interested in your money, not the music. This is wrong. I urge everybody to support the music they love directly - give your money to the artists who make it and the independant labels that put it out there. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day; the love of music.

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