13 February 2008


Post-Christmas I afforded myself some time to catch-up on music I left behind in 2007. Top of the list was to buy a bunch of compilations from some of my favourite labels. The Black Label series is a showcase for Compost to release songs for the dance floor and thus Compost Black Label Series Vol. 2 brings together a bunch of 12" released within the last year.

So given what I've heard from Compost in the past, I expected something prehaps minimal with a jazzier edge - I didn't really expect it to be full of groovy techno joints, deep NY-disco vibes and just damn funky, house!

‘The Clap’ opens with the cheesy, tongue-in-cheek cries of “Everybody got the clap!” setting the scene for a bunch of similarly knowing tracks. 'Chicago' carries on the retro feeling with squelchly bassline and funky guitar coda:

Shahrokh Sound of K - Chicago (Alt. Link)

The track that really caught my imagination is Phreek Plus One's 'Lazer Rock' – snythy distorted basslines propelled along by a chugging rhythm, resulting in a deep and foreboding techno tip:

Phreek Plus One - Lazer Rock (Alt. Link)

Elsewhere there are a couple of corking Zwicker tracks that keep the minimal, but light, techno vibe going, 'Lazise' which wouldn't sound of place on a Wipeout soundtrack, 'A&R' brings a little hip-hop mixed with Justice-esq. grandiose, and 'Your Rolling Hills' which brings that little bit of jazz I expected.

Highly recommended. Now to go and purchase the first volume...

Buy at Amazon or Juno.
Buy individual tracks at Juno Download or Bleep.

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Logan 5 said...

Chicago samples the hook from the excellent Cameo 12" "I Just Want to Be" on Chocolate City Records (1977)... sickness all around. thx!