22 February 2008

Vangelis - Soil Festivities

I grabbed this in a charity shop last year but I've only recently given it some time. I'm glad I have though, as it's a beautiful album. Released in 1984, the album is split into five Movements. It all begins with the sound of thunder and rainfall. Synthesized strings keep a steady pulse, accompanied by some dreamy keys and trills from what sounds like a recorder. Following this are lots of synth washes and lovely chord progressions, then some nice Blade Runner-esque lead. There are also occasional flourishes of oriental percussion. The mood is sombre and conjours up icey scenes in my head (I am reminded of the 'ice area' music from classic videogames like Final Fantasy VII and Secret of Mana). I did write some more about the other movements, but it sounded like a pompous Pitchfork review. Just take a listen to the long extract from Movement 1 and track down the full LP if you like what you hear. There is a nice review on the Vangelis Movements website if you do want to read more about it.

Vangelis - Soil Festivities Extract: Zshare | YSI


Simon said...

I bought this album upon release in 1984 - one of my fav. Vangelis albums I have to say. Movement 4 is my favourite - the progressive way it builds up synth. layer-wise is incredible.

Enjoy the album - after Bladerunner, Vangelis at his best.

acidbearboy said...

Thanks for your comment Simon, I think this works better as an album than the Blade Runner ost, much as I love it. Just picked up The Dragon LP this week to add the other Vangelis albums I've yet to properly listen to.