03 February 2008

The Sound Of Light

The Field's debut album "From Here We Go To Sublime" managed to appeal to a variety of listeners from the electronic music world and beyond. Some felt is was too simple, too repetitive; others found these things to be the very reason it was so good. Axel Willner's use of tiny looped samples and multiple layers of rhythmic and melodic sounds has defined his style and although the new EP doesn't stray far from his previous work, it still feels like a development. Currently an iTunes exclusive EP, "The Sound of Light"contains an hour of new material spread over 4 tracks. Morning feels instantly familar with its melodic piano and vocal hooks tweaked in a typical way. Day has an almost Italo Disco bounce to it at first, although it builds to become almost Progressive House (done in The Field style of course). Evening is probably the best track on the EP, with plenty going on throughout (listen on Myspace). It's warm and melodic, working its way up from a micro-house beat to swirling peak-time track. The samples are annoyingly familiar to me so if anybody can put me out of my misery, please do! Final track Night has no real beat to it at all. Instead it relies on the pulsating Trance like chord sequences to push the track forward. You keep expecting it to evolve into a monster, but subtlety manages to hold out and the tracks beauty and euphoric melody are a great way to close the EP.

Extract from The Field - Night: Zshare | YSI

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