08 February 2008

The Blandford Superfly

There is some debate over at Innersounds (who recently featured a nice little piece about us, thanks Jez) as to which version of The Blandford Superfly by House of 909 is best. The choices are simple, on the A-side is DJ Q's Smoke-Filled Room Dub and on the flip is Trevor Loveys' original. They really couldn't be more different; the original being a jazz-funk monster, whilst DJ Q does his trippy tech-house thing. Now as much as I like the dub and its relentless deep pulsating bassline and dreamy key loops, it just doesn't stand out enough from a lot of other house tracks from the time. The original though, is in a world of its own. For starters, there's those lovely crisp beats. There's also some nice live bass and guitar work featured. Add to that an abundance of rhodes and synth noodling over the funky groove and we're well on our way. It really doesn't sound like much else I've heard, certainly not in recent years. Check it out, then head over to Innersounds to listen to the dub and decide for yourself.

House of 909 - The Blandford Superfly.mp3

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