25 August 2008

Hot New LP's

Lindstrom has a new album out, very nice it is too. There are only three tracks but with the shortest of the bunch clocking in at over eight minutes, you know this is going to be a 'cosmic journey' etc. Full of beautiful chords and excellent production - ignore what pigeon hole people are trying to stick it in and just enjoy it for what it is - great new music. FACT Magazine did a good interview with him recently, read it here. Dutch website 3voor12 have a stream of the whole LP so you can go take a listen before ordering the cd.

STREAM: Lindstrom - Where You Go I Go Too

Also sounding great is the new solo album from Steve Moore, better known as half of synth-rock band Zombi. I love the Zombi sound and this is an extension of that, though a little lighter. Drenched in atmosphere, full of lush textures and ethereal sounds, and of course with those heavy rhythms. Order it on vinyl or cd direct from the Relapse store.

STREAM: Steve Moore - The Henge

I've been listening to some of Legowelt's ambient stuff lately and so decided to visit his website and see what's happening. It still looks like 1998 there but there is plenty of new content, including a full free download of the new Franz Falckenhaus album "The Lost Border". Also check out this amazing piece of deep hypnotic techno from Dark Days 2, forthcoming on Strange Life records.

Legowelt - HAM Star Flowers.mp3

More samples and information at www.legowelt.com

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